Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Month After

I can't believe that it's been a month now after our wedding day.
Ang bilis noh? haha! I remember that last year, I was still busy booking suppliers, chasing them, and trying to work out contracts and prices! hahaha! And now, this exact date that Melchor and I promised forever.

I'm still waiting for some creative juices to flow for me to start and write my suppliers' review.

But one thing's for sure, I just love our wedding! I have a lot of people, suppliers, friends to thank for... and I just have to find the time and make sure to thank them talaga!! After all, without them, I won't be as happy as I am now.. though it's already been a month! hahahaha!

Of course, I really appreciate my family and relatives.

Lastly, to Melchor! hahah! For making sure that I had the wedding of my dreams!!!
Happy happy to you!!

Btw, we just finished wrapping our Wedding tokens here in Shanghai. You see, here in China, after a wedding, we need to give out "Wedding Chocolates/Candies" to officemates, co-workers, etc. to share the happiness around. hahaha! So we've ordered 4 kilos of Dove Chocolates!! and also ordered small cardboard type boxes to wrap the chocolates! We finished 400+ pcs within 2 hours! hahaha!
I will share the pictures very soon!

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