Sunday, November 02, 2008

the Songs

I'm blogging here, far away from the Philippines.
In fact, around 7hours away from Home!

That's why I can't catch up to chat with family members

Yes, we're on our Honeymoon now... :)
Being cheerful that I want, I'm so excited to share my happiness with people!

But first, I like to blog the songs that we've used in our AVP..
Are you familiar with the feeling that you want more and more choices, and you can't just get enough of everything? I have that feeling when I was still in search for the songs.

In end, we chose the following:
Photo AVP - Corrine May's Everything in its time

On-site AVP - Daniel Bedingfield's Never gonna leave your side

To be honest, I wanted more choices! hahaha! Yes, I was in search of something haven't been used before.. something unique, only for us! Something not too RNB, but not too alternative.
And I think my sister, Erica, would agree, that the songs I was looking for were not easy to find!

With that, our videos can be found here:
Melchor & Ria's Photo AVP
Melchor & Ria's On-site AVP
Also with Nelwin Uy's slideshow, he used the song of Snow Patrol - Signal fire. The video can be found here.

Please comment and... Enjoy!

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