Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Bye 2008... Hello 2009!
Hope 2009 will be as exciting as 2008! hahaha!
Happy New Year to all! :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i found my HG!

Skincare is like love... you have to find your perfect match! haha!
That's why I tend to try and try stuff that will suit my skin.
I was having some bad skin period the time we came back to Shanghai, and I needed some miracle to tend my skin! I was pretty exposed to dermatologist, treatments, medications and medicines, which at this point, I'm trying to avoid the oral medicine part!

Since I also noticed some lines in my eyebrow area, I was really starting to panic! I'm not yet ready for wrinkles, lines, crow's feet, laugh lines!! NO!!!!!

I'm kinda familiar with some brands like La Mer, Shu Uemura, Awake, Murad, Clarins, Lancome, etc., but Guerlain really caught my eye.. With its sleek packaging, I found myself leaning towards testing Guerlain for now.

So with that, I got myself some Guerlain samples! hahaha! Too bad I have to discover this French brand here in Shanghai, when the prices here are high as Mt. Everest!

Anyway, I got myself the anti-aging line! hahaha! Success Future line -- Firming and Anti-wrinkle!
hahaha! So, should I be worry that I'm using this line at my current age? Actually, No! hahaha!
I found my skin to be more luminous.. I lately noticed that my skin is more glowy! Even my Mom just told me so earlier! hahaha!
My Samples! hahaha!
Guerlain, Armani and MAC samples! hihihi!
Love 'em!!! :)
I got the following:
- Guerlain Success Future Day Care SPF15
- Guerlain Success Future Night Care
- Guerlain Success Future Serum
- Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye Serum

I'm actually interested also in Happylogy line and the Midnight Secret. Since I have some small dark spots, I like to try their Whitening line also.

But definitely, I think I found what really suits my skin.. for now, that is... I'm loving Guerlain right now! Of course, I still have some of my stuff, and I tend to use them once in awhile also... But I think I will continue to love Guerlain, as long as my skin is loving it! :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to All!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Armani LSF#5

I finally received my sample of the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in #5, and I swatched it earlier with my Shu Face Architect Remodeling Cream in #764.
I found the closest match to Shu's #764! And I can't wait to try it tomorrow!
I felt that the LSF#5 is more pinkish than the #764, but I'm thinking I can use an Armani Fluid Sheer to make it a more golden tone... hmmm.. Let me try it tomorrow first and I'll let you know what i think then! hihihi! :)

wrinkles go away!

I discovered last month that I have a faint line nearing my eyebrows. I noticed that I tend to react immediately.. example, when I learned some disturbing news, unconsciously, my eyes and eyebrows are reacting! So, can you imagine the shock, when I notice the line? Grrrr!!!!

So I'm now a mission to find the working anti-wrinkle cream!
But I have a very thin patience, which makes me restless after using something for 1 or 2 days, that I can't see any improvement still!
Thank God for being here in Shanghai, China, I learned a less expensive way to trying out products, without deeply burning my pocket! That's to buy samples! Yes, you got it right!

It supposed to be free in skin care counters right? But here, there's a site wherein we can look for and buy samples of the skin care brand you choose, and it will be delivered to your place. Of course, you have to really research, and try to talk to the seller, check the sellers' credibility before you finalize everything.

As of the moment, I'm just loving the samples!
I'm trying another brand right now, but I do make sure to mix and match! hahaha!
Definitely, I want this line near my forehead to goooooo awayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

excited for Christmas!

We'll be celebrating our first Christmas together as husband and wife! This calls for a celebration, right? Can't wait for the 24th! hahaha!
Melchor, are you excited too? hahaha! :)
Happy Christmas to all!

to Melchor

I just posted my Chirstmas gift from Melchor, and now, I'm writing this as my Christmas gift TO MELCHOR.

He actually chose his gift! hahaha! And with a little encouragement, I believe he's all smiles na! hahaha! He wanted an Osim uSqueez foot massager! hahaha! We went to the 7th floor of City Plaza in Nanjing West Road, and tested the uSqueez and iSqueez. Melchor was saying it's not cheap, yet, that's what he wanted eversince. We left Osim counter, walk a bit.. then Melchor decided he really wanted the uSqueez as his Christmas present. So without another 2nd thoughts, we bought home a 23kgs heavy thing.. And boy, I think the saleslady at the Osim counter was thinking we're nuts, because instead of having the uSqueez be delivered to our place, we opted to get it NOW, and bring home by ourselves! 23kgs was nothing to Melchor, as I can see his smile and excitement of the uSqueez! Even during the ride back to our dorm, he is ALL SMILES! Hahaha! I believe I got the gift he truly wants!

Finally, his very own! hahaha! :)
I think Melchor's smile said it all.
Happy is the heart when other half is happy.
Merry Christmas Mr. Gan! hahaha!
Love, Mrs. Gan :)

from Melchor

This year is my 3rd Christmas with Melchor, yet my first Christmas as Mrs. Gan. haha!
It's still a bit weird to be called as such, but I do use the new surname in work and other stuff.

With Christmas now nearing, and we're both here in Shanghai.. It's not easy to really buy and surprise each other with gifts, since we're both together like.. always!! haha! So both Melchor and I tend to un-surprise each other, by getting the gifts to one's knowledge na! E wala na e! hahaha!

Yesterday, Melchor and I went out because he needed to buy something for his exchange gift, as we have our Company's Christmas party on the 27th. We went to Ya Tai (it's like Greenhills of Manila, Philippines), and immediately looked and bought the item for his exchange gifts, and we just continue on looking for things around.

Then, we went to a known hotel here in Shanghai, as we'll be spending the first Christmas eve dinner as husband and wife.. hahaha! I really love my husband, for he's so game with everything that's related to us! :)

After that, we went to the Nanjing West Road, and there you have the known big big brands of the world! We visited the Marks and Spencer store here, which I think opened last October, this was our first time to visit the place, and boy! It's really huge! I mean, compare to the M&S stores in Manila, here it's 4 floors of all M&S!!! hahaha! Not really a fan of their garments, but I do purchase my underwears, thermal in Manila M&S, and Melchor loves the their belts.. It's a nice thought that now we can locally purchase M&S items here.

Walking towards Jing An side from M&S area, you'll inevitably pass by Isetan(
梅陇镇伊势丹), Plaza 66 mall (恒隆广场), City Plaza(久光百货).. haha!

I kinda had an idea that Melchor will be surprise me a gift, but I don't know what exactly in his mind. I also have thought of giving him a watch, since we were unable to present that on our wedding. But in the end, I think we both just became honest with each other, and spilled our surprises! hahaha!

Moving forward to Plaza 66, I kinda wanted to visit there to look into some of the Louis Vuitton bags. It's not that I have plans to buy one soon.. hahaha! But it's nice to keep your choices handy. hihihi! Just in case, dba?

Plaza 66 have almost all the known brands around the world! Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, Chanel, Armani, Tiffany and Co., Cartier, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Celine, Versace, Bulgari, Zegna, Hermes... you name it! haha! It's really nice to look around and just look! hahaha!

We visited Cartier first, and we were surprised that there are people around. Hahaha! It's really a season to be jolly, and many people are really into shopping! hahaha! Oh Shanghai people really really love to shop, and so these brands are really popular and can survive here! We cannot see so much of the rings selection, since there are a couple of people looking and trying out there.. so we didn't push it! Next stop was Bulgari, there are some people there.. We checked out some rings.. then Melchor told me that he like to give me a jewelry for Christmas gift! hahaha!

In the end, Melchor gave me a Bvlgari ring! hahaha! I just can't believe that he really gave me my first Bvlgari! hahaha! A real Bvlgari!! I'm checking the site now, and here's the gift from hubby:
Here are the actual pictures of the ring:
Hahaha! With my slender finger, I love this 1 band ring from Bvlgari.. It's not too big, to wide.. and I definitly will wear this now everyday! I hope to receive maybe a pendant and earrings next.. hahaha!
It's not bad to think in advance, right?

Thank you Melchor! hahaha! Thank you for the gift, and love you always!
- Mrs. Gan

Sunday, December 14, 2008

it's Christmas time again!

Melchor and I went to Xin Tian Di yesterday, and had a good dinner with the ever favorite, Crystal Jade Restaurant.
Xin Tian Di was now fully decorated with Christmas decorations... and I guess it's really Christmas noh? hahah :)
A picture taken at Xin Tian Di - 14 December 2008
It's a bit hard to take pictures when we're just with each other! Nevertheless, we try and it's perfect shot all the time! hahaha :)

GA LSF and Shu Face Architect

During the trial makeup session with Peddy Acebo, I brought along some of my makeup, in case that they can be use for the big day. I'm super love Armani makeup, that I think I've bought the wrong shade! hahaha! Then and there, both Peddy and I agreed that the Armani LSF#4 is actually the wrong shade for me! hahaha! :)

So you guys may ask what did Peddy used? hahahahaha!! He used Shu Uemura Face Architect foundation, which turned out to be the right shade for me! hahaha! I kinda forgot to asked him that time what was the shade he used, but because I felt that the makeup Peddy did was so so so good, I'm in the constant craving for the foundation that he used!

With that, Melchor and I went to the City yesterday, and I was on a mission.. to buy the foundation used by Peddy! hahaha! So I asked the stylist there what was the shade more suitable for me, she was suggesting 564 and 764. 564 shade was a wee dark than 764, which she is suggesting to me for the foundation to look natural with me. But I end up buying 764.. with Melchor's help na rin! I think it's a more flawless look kasi e!
My wonderful husband!
Shade comparison with GA LSF#4 and Shu FA#764
My Shu Uemura Haul - Face architect remodeling cream foundation and natural glow powder foundation.

So, as you guys may see, #764 which is the perfect shade for me, was really off from Armani Luminous Skin Finish #4. Now, my prob is that I also like Armani Liquid foundation!!! I have to match then Shu's #764 with Armani foundation!! Wahhh!! Here we go again! hahaha! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I will admit, that I love to research...
Especially about something I'm unfamiliar with.
I tend to research, read and read... until I felt tired about it na! hahah!
So when I started to look for something related to pregnancy...
Right now, I think I'm starting to grow tired in reading about them!
I tend to overload the info in my head, that I don't like to think anymore..
Sooner or later, I don't know what to believe na! hahaha!

Here are the sites I found regarding how to conceive:

You can also find some answers at

Honestly, not really too much in a hurry! But I like to know stuff first before I get into it! hahaha!
Thank you for Internet! :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

will we get blogged...

I have to admit that I like my suppliers to blog my wedding.
Not being a KSP or what... I guess there's this feeling that I want to have...
That not only me and Melchor had great time that day, but also my suppliers.
Or maybe that my suppliers felt we're special enough to have a place in their blog.
I mean, I want my suppliers to feel that we had a great time that day! That our wedding was memorable not only for us, but for them as well... I wonder if they've forgotten us na..?
Ahh ewan! I will admit that when I see new blog entries of my suppliers, which weddings recently conducted, it makes me wonder, what does it takes for suppliers to blog them really fast? hahaha!

I guess, I'll just think of what Melchor said to me regarding my whining:
" Basta alam natin dalawa na maayos and memorable ang wedding natin. Yun ang important!"

I don't think I can't have anything to top that na! hahaha!
Fine fine!! hahaha!

my acknowledgment

I was checking the traffic of my blog visitors, and one thing that I've realize that my acknowledgment part of my term paper 3 years before has been receiving visitors lately.
Actually, it's really fine with me, but then, what I wrote in my acknowledgment is something a bit personal... I wasn't able to research how to write it or what... It was just something that I thought of the time I was cramming to submit my paper! hehe :)

So I think what we can do for the thank you part of the paper is to just what you need to say, say what you feel, whom you think must be credited for your work...
In the end, there's no right or wrong in writing that part in a term paper... It's actually where you can be who you really are... :)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wave 89.1FM

Melchor installed me a Real Player here in my laptop, that I can now listen to the radio stations back home.. LIVE!! hehe! It's been awhile since I last listen to Wave 89.1 FM.
I guess I just find it really cool, and a bit happy... It's Sunday night now, and I still remember the Sunday night soft and calming music.. and can lull you to sleep! hahaha :)
I'm not sure if I'm sleepy yet now, I just spent the afternoon dozing off, after the De La Hoya-Pacquiao boxing fight! haha! Well, congratulations to Pacquiao! Good fight indeed!! :)
Pretty cool!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

using my Birthday gift!

Yesterday, with the encouragement of my hubby, I finally used my birthday gift from Him.... which is my Louis Vuitton Bag Neverfull MM in Monogram.

Hahaha! I may get used to this eh...? hahaha! And with that, I think I'm checking out the LV site way too much!! hahaha! But who wouldn't?! hihihi! :)

I may get used to this ah... and check out more and more of hand bags!! hahahah! :)

Friday, December 05, 2008

my new hair

I'm sporting a new hair! hehe! Yes, I had my hair cut at my favorite salon - Ming Ying Salon in Gubei Area.
My hair cutter's name is Ah Long. (啊龙) - I think it's Allen in English.
He's been cutting my hair since I started going to this Salon.

I can't say that everybody will agree that my hair looked good with me, because of my big round face.
But since I'm feeling real sad to find falling hairs every now and then, I felt that I need to regrow then all at the same time!
Or maybe lessen the weight of my hair by having a short hair! hahaha!
I know, you guys won't agree... but to be honest, I'm feeling my hair for now! :)

Picasaweb, I like!

I just updated my Picasa to a Picasa 3. It asked me if I like to update, I just click yes.
So now, I'm using a Picasa 3, and boy!!! I'm liking it!

I've been looking for a software to collage couple of pictures for me... tried some web based application, but can't seem to find what I was looking for.... till now!

Since the function buttons are a bit new for the Picasa 3, I tried and clicked Collage! And guess what it can do! hahahah!

Very very cool!!!!

Bridal makeup: Peddy's masterpiece

I found something from here:

" Get along with your makeup artist. Having good rapport between a client and a beauty stylist is crucial in achieving the best, wedding-worthy results. It is also based on mutual respect."

And you know what, this is so true!!!
I think what made me really glow that October 18, was that I was enjoying, I was having fun.. I love the people around.. and pure happiness! People are fussing, talking.. though the room was a bit warm, still, people were just there!! hahaha! Melchor loved my makeup, my hair.. everything! hahaha! :) And I believe what Peddy created with my chinky eyes made Melchor's stomach do somersaults! hahah! Aminin!!!
So I guess I can say is that not only you get along with your gown maker, your coordinator, your photographer... you also need to have good communication with the one who'll make you real pretty that day! hahaha! Well, I did and real proud to be Peddy's masterpiece! hihihi! :)
Thank you very much! Peddy Acebo! :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

some Honeymoon pictures

Part of our vacation here in Manila was not only focused on our wedding day, but also include the 2 weeks relaxing time we've arranged. With the nice itinerary we got from our travel agency - Multi-Destination Travel, we chose to visit Europe and maximize our time together. Met great people in the tour!! Miss them na! hahaha! Tour ulit!! :)

So with that, I just chose couple of pictures as highlights of our trip. I may still add some more soon, with that I'm sharing some pics for now.