Sunday, December 21, 2008

from Melchor

This year is my 3rd Christmas with Melchor, yet my first Christmas as Mrs. Gan. haha!
It's still a bit weird to be called as such, but I do use the new surname in work and other stuff.

With Christmas now nearing, and we're both here in Shanghai.. It's not easy to really buy and surprise each other with gifts, since we're both together like.. always!! haha! So both Melchor and I tend to un-surprise each other, by getting the gifts to one's knowledge na! E wala na e! hahaha!

Yesterday, Melchor and I went out because he needed to buy something for his exchange gift, as we have our Company's Christmas party on the 27th. We went to Ya Tai (it's like Greenhills of Manila, Philippines), and immediately looked and bought the item for his exchange gifts, and we just continue on looking for things around.

Then, we went to a known hotel here in Shanghai, as we'll be spending the first Christmas eve dinner as husband and wife.. hahaha! I really love my husband, for he's so game with everything that's related to us! :)

After that, we went to the Nanjing West Road, and there you have the known big big brands of the world! We visited the Marks and Spencer store here, which I think opened last October, this was our first time to visit the place, and boy! It's really huge! I mean, compare to the M&S stores in Manila, here it's 4 floors of all M&S!!! hahaha! Not really a fan of their garments, but I do purchase my underwears, thermal in Manila M&S, and Melchor loves the their belts.. It's a nice thought that now we can locally purchase M&S items here.

Walking towards Jing An side from M&S area, you'll inevitably pass by Isetan(
梅陇镇伊势丹), Plaza 66 mall (恒隆广场), City Plaza(久光百货).. haha!

I kinda had an idea that Melchor will be surprise me a gift, but I don't know what exactly in his mind. I also have thought of giving him a watch, since we were unable to present that on our wedding. But in the end, I think we both just became honest with each other, and spilled our surprises! hahaha!

Moving forward to Plaza 66, I kinda wanted to visit there to look into some of the Louis Vuitton bags. It's not that I have plans to buy one soon.. hahaha! But it's nice to keep your choices handy. hihihi! Just in case, dba?

Plaza 66 have almost all the known brands around the world! Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, Chanel, Armani, Tiffany and Co., Cartier, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Celine, Versace, Bulgari, Zegna, Hermes... you name it! haha! It's really nice to look around and just look! hahaha!

We visited Cartier first, and we were surprised that there are people around. Hahaha! It's really a season to be jolly, and many people are really into shopping! hahaha! Oh Shanghai people really really love to shop, and so these brands are really popular and can survive here! We cannot see so much of the rings selection, since there are a couple of people looking and trying out there.. so we didn't push it! Next stop was Bulgari, there are some people there.. We checked out some rings.. then Melchor told me that he like to give me a jewelry for Christmas gift! hahaha!

In the end, Melchor gave me a Bvlgari ring! hahaha! I just can't believe that he really gave me my first Bvlgari! hahaha! A real Bvlgari!! I'm checking the site now, and here's the gift from hubby:
Here are the actual pictures of the ring:
Hahaha! With my slender finger, I love this 1 band ring from Bvlgari.. It's not too big, to wide.. and I definitly will wear this now everyday! I hope to receive maybe a pendant and earrings next.. hahaha!
It's not bad to think in advance, right?

Thank you Melchor! hahaha! Thank you for the gift, and love you always!
- Mrs. Gan

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