Sunday, December 14, 2008

GA LSF and Shu Face Architect

During the trial makeup session with Peddy Acebo, I brought along some of my makeup, in case that they can be use for the big day. I'm super love Armani makeup, that I think I've bought the wrong shade! hahaha! Then and there, both Peddy and I agreed that the Armani LSF#4 is actually the wrong shade for me! hahaha! :)

So you guys may ask what did Peddy used? hahahahaha!! He used Shu Uemura Face Architect foundation, which turned out to be the right shade for me! hahaha! I kinda forgot to asked him that time what was the shade he used, but because I felt that the makeup Peddy did was so so so good, I'm in the constant craving for the foundation that he used!

With that, Melchor and I went to the City yesterday, and I was on a mission.. to buy the foundation used by Peddy! hahaha! So I asked the stylist there what was the shade more suitable for me, she was suggesting 564 and 764. 564 shade was a wee dark than 764, which she is suggesting to me for the foundation to look natural with me. But I end up buying 764.. with Melchor's help na rin! I think it's a more flawless look kasi e!
My wonderful husband!
Shade comparison with GA LSF#4 and Shu FA#764
My Shu Uemura Haul - Face architect remodeling cream foundation and natural glow powder foundation.

So, as you guys may see, #764 which is the perfect shade for me, was really off from Armani Luminous Skin Finish #4. Now, my prob is that I also like Armani Liquid foundation!!! I have to match then Shu's #764 with Armani foundation!! Wahhh!! Here we go again! hahaha! :)

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