Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i found my HG!

Skincare is like love... you have to find your perfect match! haha!
That's why I tend to try and try stuff that will suit my skin.
I was having some bad skin period the time we came back to Shanghai, and I needed some miracle to tend my skin! I was pretty exposed to dermatologist, treatments, medications and medicines, which at this point, I'm trying to avoid the oral medicine part!

Since I also noticed some lines in my eyebrow area, I was really starting to panic! I'm not yet ready for wrinkles, lines, crow's feet, laugh lines!! NO!!!!!

I'm kinda familiar with some brands like La Mer, Shu Uemura, Awake, Murad, Clarins, Lancome, etc., but Guerlain really caught my eye.. With its sleek packaging, I found myself leaning towards testing Guerlain for now.

So with that, I got myself some Guerlain samples! hahaha! Too bad I have to discover this French brand here in Shanghai, when the prices here are high as Mt. Everest!

Anyway, I got myself the anti-aging line! hahaha! Success Future line -- Firming and Anti-wrinkle!
hahaha! So, should I be worry that I'm using this line at my current age? Actually, No! hahaha!
I found my skin to be more luminous.. I lately noticed that my skin is more glowy! Even my Mom just told me so earlier! hahaha!
My Samples! hahaha!
Guerlain, Armani and MAC samples! hihihi!
Love 'em!!! :)
I got the following:
- Guerlain Success Future Day Care SPF15
- Guerlain Success Future Night Care
- Guerlain Success Future Serum
- Guerlain Super Aqua-Eye Serum

I'm actually interested also in Happylogy line and the Midnight Secret. Since I have some small dark spots, I like to try their Whitening line also.

But definitely, I think I found what really suits my skin.. for now, that is... I'm loving Guerlain right now! Of course, I still have some of my stuff, and I tend to use them once in awhile also... But I think I will continue to love Guerlain, as long as my skin is loving it! :)

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