Friday, December 05, 2008

Bridal makeup: Peddy's masterpiece

I found something from here:

" Get along with your makeup artist. Having good rapport between a client and a beauty stylist is crucial in achieving the best, wedding-worthy results. It is also based on mutual respect."

And you know what, this is so true!!!
I think what made me really glow that October 18, was that I was enjoying, I was having fun.. I love the people around.. and pure happiness! People are fussing, talking.. though the room was a bit warm, still, people were just there!! hahaha! Melchor loved my makeup, my hair.. everything! hahaha! :) And I believe what Peddy created with my chinky eyes made Melchor's stomach do somersaults! hahah! Aminin!!!
So I guess I can say is that not only you get along with your gown maker, your coordinator, your photographer... you also need to have good communication with the one who'll make you real pretty that day! hahaha! Well, I did and real proud to be Peddy's masterpiece! hihihi! :)
Thank you very much! Peddy Acebo! :)

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