Sunday, December 21, 2008

to Melchor

I just posted my Chirstmas gift from Melchor, and now, I'm writing this as my Christmas gift TO MELCHOR.

He actually chose his gift! hahaha! And with a little encouragement, I believe he's all smiles na! hahaha! He wanted an Osim uSqueez foot massager! hahaha! We went to the 7th floor of City Plaza in Nanjing West Road, and tested the uSqueez and iSqueez. Melchor was saying it's not cheap, yet, that's what he wanted eversince. We left Osim counter, walk a bit.. then Melchor decided he really wanted the uSqueez as his Christmas present. So without another 2nd thoughts, we bought home a 23kgs heavy thing.. And boy, I think the saleslady at the Osim counter was thinking we're nuts, because instead of having the uSqueez be delivered to our place, we opted to get it NOW, and bring home by ourselves! 23kgs was nothing to Melchor, as I can see his smile and excitement of the uSqueez! Even during the ride back to our dorm, he is ALL SMILES! Hahaha! I believe I got the gift he truly wants!

Finally, his very own! hahaha! :)
I think Melchor's smile said it all.
Happy is the heart when other half is happy.
Merry Christmas Mr. Gan! hahaha!
Love, Mrs. Gan :)

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