Monday, December 08, 2008

will we get blogged...

I have to admit that I like my suppliers to blog my wedding.
Not being a KSP or what... I guess there's this feeling that I want to have...
That not only me and Melchor had great time that day, but also my suppliers.
Or maybe that my suppliers felt we're special enough to have a place in their blog.
I mean, I want my suppliers to feel that we had a great time that day! That our wedding was memorable not only for us, but for them as well... I wonder if they've forgotten us na..?
Ahh ewan! I will admit that when I see new blog entries of my suppliers, which weddings recently conducted, it makes me wonder, what does it takes for suppliers to blog them really fast? hahaha!

I guess, I'll just think of what Melchor said to me regarding my whining:
" Basta alam natin dalawa na maayos and memorable ang wedding natin. Yun ang important!"

I don't think I can't have anything to top that na! hahaha!
Fine fine!! hahaha!

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