Monday, December 22, 2008

wrinkles go away!

I discovered last month that I have a faint line nearing my eyebrows. I noticed that I tend to react immediately.. example, when I learned some disturbing news, unconsciously, my eyes and eyebrows are reacting! So, can you imagine the shock, when I notice the line? Grrrr!!!!

So I'm now a mission to find the working anti-wrinkle cream!
But I have a very thin patience, which makes me restless after using something for 1 or 2 days, that I can't see any improvement still!
Thank God for being here in Shanghai, China, I learned a less expensive way to trying out products, without deeply burning my pocket! That's to buy samples! Yes, you got it right!

It supposed to be free in skin care counters right? But here, there's a site wherein we can look for and buy samples of the skin care brand you choose, and it will be delivered to your place. Of course, you have to really research, and try to talk to the seller, check the sellers' credibility before you finalize everything.

As of the moment, I'm just loving the samples!
I'm trying another brand right now, but I do make sure to mix and match! hahaha!
Definitely, I want this line near my forehead to goooooo awayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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