Saturday, January 31, 2009

a Veluz bride

It's been more than 3 months since October 18.
I still haven't finalized my Suppliers' Rating. It seems that it was pretty hard that I've thought at first. But then again, I feel I still owe the other brides.. I will finish it... soon!! :)

Back to my blog entry.... how does it feel to be a Veluz bride.

I'm not exactly sure how I'm gonna start this entry. hahaha! It's not easy e!

I was a Veluz bride. I'm a forever Veluz bride.
A radiant girl, with the most beautiful gown ever!!!
My wedding gown designer - Veluz Reyes.

Melchor and I met Ms. V last year February, when we personally visited her for the first time. I've told Ms. V about my preferences and concerns, then she sketched a gown for me. I think I blogged it previously.

Now, come October 18, I was happy to see familiar faces around.. Ms. V and Niko were there... I was in Cloud 9! hahaha! :) I think there's nothing more that can make the day more exciting and beautiful.

A video of my dress by Veluz during preps...
Sorry I have to cut this entry short for now... I will continue this when the mood kicks in... I'm a bit piss with the internet.. it's sooo sloowwww!!

Peking Duck #3

Our last day in Beijing, we had lunch at Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant.
We read reviews about it, and I think it's a nice last day meal for us.
We had Peking duck at Quanjude and LiQun Restaurant. I've blogged Quanjude the other day, but I shall upload a photo of its duck, and also will blog LiQun Peking duck.

Right now, I jst finished uploading the duck of Da Dong Resto.
First off, we had a bit challenge finding the restaurant.
It's not easy to find it e! Beijing is so huge that I think they have to make a map solely for the names of the buildings!! hahaha!

When we got on Da Dong, one thing's for sure... the resto is really nice!
The place is nice, the service is good.
Oh, and they also have 10% service charge, just like Quanjude. :)

Aside from the traditional sweet sauce, cucumber, pancake and shallots, they also have some additional offerings like ginger, white sugar, garlic paste, preserved vegeables and pickles! I tried the garlic paste in my peking duck wrap, and it tasted delish!

And the duck! hahaha! I learned to eat the crispy duck skin with the sugar! It was so yummy!!! And one thing that's really nice about the duck by Da Dong, is that it doesn't taste oily.. When I ate on the crispy skin in sugar, it's not as oily as the first duck resto we tried.. and this is less than the 2nd one we visited.

Da Dong Restaurant is definitely one of the places a traveller must try in Beijing! The place is nice, the food is great, the duck is superb! I don't think you can get off Beijing without experiencing the duck.

Peking duck is Beijing's finest, don't forget to try it there.

slow internet connecton

I'm hating our internet connection right now!
It's so slooooowwwwwwww!!!!
I'm having a hard time upload a video and some pictures!
Anyway, just blogging to say that the net's so sloooowww!!!

my small Armani haul

Giorgio Armani cosmetics have a counter in Beijing.
I've researched the mall where the counter is located, and of course, it was already a plan. So here are my small haul. :) The assistant there was really patient with me. I cannot say that the counter have the complete line... So I cannot really say that I have a lot to buy there. And the prices, WAHHH!!!! They're so expensive!!!
I'm just glad Melchor encouraged me to buy something, as souvenir from Beijing!

Monday, January 26, 2009

the Great Wall

Happy New Year to all!
We celebrated our New Year by visiting the historical Great Wall of China.
It was really looooooooooonnnnngggggggggggggggggg......!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I can't stay for too long, coz Melchor and I will be going out soon..
But, it was a memorable day for us! Not only that we set foot to the greatest monument of China's history, we're also together in this journey!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peking Duck, anyone?

We've finally arrived Beijing! haha!
Definitely colder here than Shanghai! I think I was freezing to death earlier!
My Rapido 3-ply goose down jacket was not enough for the cold wind!!

Earlier, since we were walking around the Pedestrian street here called "Wangfujing - 王府井", and with the cold wind, Melchor and I went to taste our first Peking Duck here! I know that my friend, Debstone and as well as other officemates advised us to visit LiQun Peking Duck, rather than Quanjude, we just gave in and went for it! After all, it's better that we compare the 2 good houses of Peking duck here, right?

Quanjude was nearly packed! And I noticed that people come in and go every now and then.. Also the slicer of the peking duck comes back and forth serving personally the duck, slicing them for you to see. I guess, Melchor and I finally understand why friends were suggesting other houses than Quanjude, it's because.... it charges not cheap! hahahaha! Aside from the orders, this is the first time I've encountered a restaurant charging 10% for service fee!!! I know I should be used to this back in Manila... but here in China?!?!?! We ended paying our bill like not too far from Rmb 400.00 for the dinner! hahaha! We didn't only ordered the duck.. we ordered Pigeon soup (SIBUT!!!!), cold cuts (gusto ni Melchor e!) and also another dish - brocolli with duck wings pa pala. Also the sauces, the wrap and the leeks also have charges!! hahahaha! Well, now we know! We'll be visting LiQun also... Can't wait.. Peking duck is so delish!! And fatteningggggggg!!!!

I have to freshen up now.. We'll be visiting Great Wall tomorrow! I have to rest now and call my family to great them.. Happy Chinese New year to all!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

my Armani Bronzers

I love Armani cosmetics!!! I love the way a little dash of color makes my face light up!!
So I'm forever wanting more and more blushes!! hahaha! Not only blushes, also with bronzers.
I know you guys may time that the shade maybe tad dark to my light skin... but I feel we just have to use a light hand, and waah-lahh!! Dark or light colors, I'm okay with everything!

Here are the Armani bronzers, and I can say, they're lovelyyyyY!!!! I can't get enough!! hahaha!
Lovely stuff... :)

Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New year to All!
新年快乐! 恭喜发财!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blogging fr my ipod touch!

So, here I am, using the gadget.. Fussing app, test blogging.. Looks like it will work noh? Hmmm :)

Posted by ShoZu

Saturday, January 17, 2009

my Ipod Touch

This morning, I got the package from my Mom, courtesy of a colleague who just got in from Manila last night. So I got my package.. hahaha! I guess can't wait for good things e!

My package from my Mom consists of the following:
1 box Chocolates
1 box Fluocaril Toothpaste (sorry, can't find that here in Shanghai)
1 bottle Vitamins (for prenatal)
1 pack Ipod Touch
(I know it uploaded in sideways, but I'll just edit this later!! Don't know what's wrong e!)

Hahahaha! I have to control myself not to open the Ipod Touch first, and take some pictures of the package so that I can blogged the goodies here! :)

Here's my Ipod Touch! hahahaha! :) It actually had some stuff already. My sister, Erica, helped me uploaded some music, pictures, videos! haha! And helped me had the protector made in Manila as well. That's all I can say for now.. I hope to start fussing about it when I got home from an afternoon out. I have to get myself a Folio pouch for the Ipod touch, and some other accesories? haha! I think the accessories are a lot hassle and expensive than the ipod itself! haha!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ipod Touch

When Apple released it's Ipod line... I have to admit that it was pretty tempting to get one.
But I did not join in the Ipod buyers then. I don't know.. I guess... not too interested that time.
I got myself a Meizu MP3 Player. It's a China brand, mini player! :)
Very useful!! I got a 4 Gig size, and it's pretty useful.. I listen music, look at our pictures, videos :)

So now, I was tempted by my good friend Girlie, to get Ipod's new baby - Ipod Touch. According to her, it's one of her best buy for 2008! hahaha!
I have to be tempted with that!! hahaha!
Finally convinced Melchor and I got one na! hahaha!

With the help of sister dear Erica, she helped and got me my first Ipod thing!!
My very own Ipod Touch! hahaha!:)
Few more days!! hahaha!!
Can't wait! hahaha!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

for CNY

For the last of January 2009, it will be a week long holiday here in China. Not yet sure our schedule yet, but I'm a bit excited for our last travel for the month of January. hahahaha! I felt the time is right, that we explore the great places of the country we're located right now. Got some nice prices, etc. Working out with friend Debstone for the itinerary... Melchor and I are excited for the vacation week! Who won't be..? right? hahaha!
We just need to bring all our winter stuff!
Luckily, we have each other to keep us warm! hahaha!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

little MG's pictures

I'm looking at the pictures that we'd scanned, compiled and gave to Threelogy last October.
I can't help but post these cute pictures of Melchor during his younger years.
Cute or what..
Naughty MG!
So fast forward, he's like this na...
Some things never change... hahaha! :)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

additional New Year's resolution

I will make sure to use my blushes! hahaha!
I mean, I will try to use different blushes everyday!! hahaha!
Since I apply 2x per day - one in the morning, then, after lunch, I wash my face and apply again for the afternoon, I hope to use all my new and existing blushes here! hehehe! :)
Wow, I'm kinda excited na ah! :)

New Year's Resolutions

New year meant a lot of things to poeple.. New goals, new outlook, new challenges, new excitement.
For this new year, I like to sit back and reflect on my New Year's resolutions.
When you say New Year's Resolutions, I really need to do it.. right? hahaha!
Pano if ndi ko nagawa? hahahaha!:)

Anyway, here are my New Year's resolutions that I can think of, for now! hehe
1) I will wear a Sunscreen everyday! I need to really do this, since I don't want to really look old soon!

2) I will try to learn how to cook! Yeah.. I think I made a vow about this before, that I won't cook ever! But since now I'm a married woman, I will at least try to learn.. so that I can cook for my husband and my family! hihihi! (I need a lot of help in this area! Mama!! Sisters! hahaha! Help me when the time comes!)

3) I will only buy things that are necessary and will make me happy! hahaha! Sorry, make-up and skin care makes me happy! So I will try to buy the things I think I will truly use and love... hehehe! e.g. blushes. I will let go of buying eyeshadows, since I don't use them pretty much.

4) I won't allow my work to stress myself outside office. Work stays at office, and family and my husband needs my attention and time outside office. I need quality time with my husband and family! hehehe :)

5) I will avoid saying things other than outside opinions. In short, I will always be honest about the things in front of me. I don't think there's bad in saying what is really there, right? hahaha!

6) I will eat healthier, and try to exercise and maybe join yoga! I need to prepare myself.. hahaha! And I will try to convince Melchor to live healthier as well!

7) Say my prayers every morning and night! Thank God every time I pray! hehe :) Yes, I love God, and I believe in His presence in my everyday life!

8) Aside from spending necessary expenses, I will try to save up my income, and will influence Melchor to do that also. I may spend a bit more during special ocassion only!

9) I will express my gratitude and appreciation to my Granny, Mom, Aunts, Sisters and Brother.. For without them, I can't imagine my life e!

10) I will remember to say "i love you" to Melchor! hahahaa! That's everyday! Because... just because! hahaha! :)

So far, these are my thoughts that I can think of as a New year's resolution for now.
I will reflect and maybe add to this list..
And I promise to do my list above! hahaha! Fine fine :P I will try my best talaga! hahaha!

my Armani Brushes

I got myself these brushes of Armani.
#11, 12, 13 and 15.
They are really pretty!!! Can't wait to really use them! I have to clean them for now first..
Hopefully I can do it soon! hihih! :)

Discovering Jill Stuart!

Jill Stuart... I discovered JS from great bloggers that I'm reading frequently in my google reader.
With Autumn Masquerade, A touch of Blusher, Rouge Deluxe, Musing of a Muse, etc., it's hard not to be in awe with JS also. I so so love blushes! I make sure to really put on a little color in my cheeks, before going to the office. Because I tend to wake up pretty late already, tendency is that I only have time to put on my moisturizer and a blush!!hahaha!

With Jill Stuart, you can see that its Mix Blushes are sooooo gorgeous!! hahaha!
So I love to get them all, but it's actually not cheap!!!
For now, I just ordered the Limited Edition Illuminance Collection blushes in #101 Platinum Illuminance and #102 Gold Illuminance!

Jill Stuart Mix Blush in #102 Gold Illuminance

Jill Stuart Mix Blush in #101 Platinum Illuminance

I will try this maybe tomorrow...? When I find the urge to really use the blush and the brush! hahaha! It's so pretty e!!! Then, I like to get the other Mix Blushes! hahaha! Maybe 1 or 2 pcs per month....? After all, it has 5 shades for now, and with the upcoming Spring 2009 collection, and be releasing 2 shades more, maybe I will get the newest ones first! hihihih :)

New Year's Eve Dinner

Melchor and I went to the city last December 31 night after our office hours.
We planned to spent couple of days in Pudong part of Shanghai.
Since we have 2 days of no-work here, we made sure to really have good, quality time together.
Of course, other than being with each other here in the dormitory everyday, we need some time alone and away from where we usually are.. hahaha!

I have to admit, we're pretty not too familiar with the restaurants at the Pudong side.. So when we arrived in Pudong, we just have to find some place where we think we like to settle and spent the final hours for the New Year! hehehe!

We walked towards the Bin Jiang Da Dao, and discovered the Riverside resto and bars there... Then, Melchor was saying maybe we can try Paulaner Brauhaus
With that we went in to Paulaner... and they're actually having a party there, and selling its entrance tickets for Rmb 228 per person!! That would include 2 Drinks and 1 Popcorn! hahaha!
It's not cheap, right? hahaha! Fine fine, so.. we just tried in, then there's a Filipino band playing at the stage.. There were also some prizes that can be won, too bad, we came in late already... Also I was feeling a bit dismayed, because our place at the bar stool nearest to the door... it's freezing cold air kept blowing to our place.. Also we haven't had our Dinner yet!!! And this bar/resto kept on selling tickets even without guaranteed seats!! Anyway, we continued in and spent the final 3 hours of the year 2008.

We ordered Mixed Sausages, something we found familiar from our trip in Germany! hahaha! Then, ordered Paulaner Black Beer, we took 2 glasses each, based from our Rmb 228 ticket! hahaha!
Mixed Sausages anyone?

Bottom's up Melchor! hahaha!

Then till the last few hours, it's 2009!!! wahhh!!!
Drunk, fireworks, camera!!! :)
Inspite of the cold weather, the short in food for our New Year's Eve feast, the most important thing, Melchor and I are together.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

Another new year.. 2009!
After finishing off 2008 with our big bang wedding, Melchor and I are definitely looking forward to a more exciting, fun 2009!! More travels, more adventures.. and Lotsa Love!
Cheers to 2009!!