Saturday, January 03, 2009

Discovering Jill Stuart!

Jill Stuart... I discovered JS from great bloggers that I'm reading frequently in my google reader.
With Autumn Masquerade, A touch of Blusher, Rouge Deluxe, Musing of a Muse, etc., it's hard not to be in awe with JS also. I so so love blushes! I make sure to really put on a little color in my cheeks, before going to the office. Because I tend to wake up pretty late already, tendency is that I only have time to put on my moisturizer and a blush!!hahaha!

With Jill Stuart, you can see that its Mix Blushes are sooooo gorgeous!! hahaha!
So I love to get them all, but it's actually not cheap!!!
For now, I just ordered the Limited Edition Illuminance Collection blushes in #101 Platinum Illuminance and #102 Gold Illuminance!

Jill Stuart Mix Blush in #102 Gold Illuminance

Jill Stuart Mix Blush in #101 Platinum Illuminance

I will try this maybe tomorrow...? When I find the urge to really use the blush and the brush! hahaha! It's so pretty e!!! Then, I like to get the other Mix Blushes! hahaha! Maybe 1 or 2 pcs per month....? After all, it has 5 shades for now, and with the upcoming Spring 2009 collection, and be releasing 2 shades more, maybe I will get the newest ones first! hihihih :)

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