Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ipod Touch

When Apple released it's Ipod line... I have to admit that it was pretty tempting to get one.
But I did not join in the Ipod buyers then. I don't know.. I guess... not too interested that time.
I got myself a Meizu MP3 Player. It's a China brand, mini player! :)
Very useful!! I got a 4 Gig size, and it's pretty useful.. I listen music, look at our pictures, videos :)

So now, I was tempted by my good friend Girlie, to get Ipod's new baby - Ipod Touch. According to her, it's one of her best buy for 2008! hahaha!
I have to be tempted with that!! hahaha!
Finally convinced Melchor and I got one na! hahaha!

With the help of sister dear Erica, she helped and got me my first Ipod thing!!
My very own Ipod Touch! hahaha!:)
Few more days!! hahaha!!
Can't wait! hahaha!

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