Saturday, January 17, 2009

my Ipod Touch

This morning, I got the package from my Mom, courtesy of a colleague who just got in from Manila last night. So I got my package.. hahaha! I guess can't wait for good things e!

My package from my Mom consists of the following:
1 box Chocolates
1 box Fluocaril Toothpaste (sorry, can't find that here in Shanghai)
1 bottle Vitamins (for prenatal)
1 pack Ipod Touch
(I know it uploaded in sideways, but I'll just edit this later!! Don't know what's wrong e!)

Hahahaha! I have to control myself not to open the Ipod Touch first, and take some pictures of the package so that I can blogged the goodies here! :)

Here's my Ipod Touch! hahahaha! :) It actually had some stuff already. My sister, Erica, helped me uploaded some music, pictures, videos! haha! And helped me had the protector made in Manila as well. That's all I can say for now.. I hope to start fussing about it when I got home from an afternoon out. I have to get myself a Folio pouch for the Ipod touch, and some other accesories? haha! I think the accessories are a lot hassle and expensive than the ipod itself! haha!

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