Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Eve Dinner

Melchor and I went to the city last December 31 night after our office hours.
We planned to spent couple of days in Pudong part of Shanghai.
Since we have 2 days of no-work here, we made sure to really have good, quality time together.
Of course, other than being with each other here in the dormitory everyday, we need some time alone and away from where we usually are.. hahaha!

I have to admit, we're pretty not too familiar with the restaurants at the Pudong side.. So when we arrived in Pudong, we just have to find some place where we think we like to settle and spent the final hours for the New Year! hehehe!

We walked towards the Bin Jiang Da Dao, and discovered the Riverside resto and bars there... Then, Melchor was saying maybe we can try Paulaner Brauhaus
With that we went in to Paulaner... and they're actually having a party there, and selling its entrance tickets for Rmb 228 per person!! That would include 2 Drinks and 1 Popcorn! hahaha!
It's not cheap, right? hahaha! Fine fine, so.. we just tried in, then there's a Filipino band playing at the stage.. There were also some prizes that can be won, too bad, we came in late already... Also I was feeling a bit dismayed, because our place at the bar stool nearest to the door... it's freezing cold air kept blowing to our place.. Also we haven't had our Dinner yet!!! And this bar/resto kept on selling tickets even without guaranteed seats!! Anyway, we continued in and spent the final 3 hours of the year 2008.

We ordered Mixed Sausages, something we found familiar from our trip in Germany! hahaha! Then, ordered Paulaner Black Beer, we took 2 glasses each, based from our Rmb 228 ticket! hahaha!
Mixed Sausages anyone?

Bottom's up Melchor! hahaha!

Then till the last few hours, it's 2009!!! wahhh!!!
Drunk, fireworks, camera!!! :)
Inspite of the cold weather, the short in food for our New Year's Eve feast, the most important thing, Melchor and I are together.

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