Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

New year meant a lot of things to poeple.. New goals, new outlook, new challenges, new excitement.
For this new year, I like to sit back and reflect on my New Year's resolutions.
When you say New Year's Resolutions, I really need to do it.. right? hahaha!
Pano if ndi ko nagawa? hahahaha!:)

Anyway, here are my New Year's resolutions that I can think of, for now! hehe
1) I will wear a Sunscreen everyday! I need to really do this, since I don't want to really look old soon!

2) I will try to learn how to cook! Yeah.. I think I made a vow about this before, that I won't cook ever! But since now I'm a married woman, I will at least try to learn.. so that I can cook for my husband and my family! hihihi! (I need a lot of help in this area! Mama!! Sisters! hahaha! Help me when the time comes!)

3) I will only buy things that are necessary and will make me happy! hahaha! Sorry, make-up and skin care makes me happy! So I will try to buy the things I think I will truly use and love... hehehe! e.g. blushes. I will let go of buying eyeshadows, since I don't use them pretty much.

4) I won't allow my work to stress myself outside office. Work stays at office, and family and my husband needs my attention and time outside office. I need quality time with my husband and family! hehehe :)

5) I will avoid saying things other than outside opinions. In short, I will always be honest about the things in front of me. I don't think there's bad in saying what is really there, right? hahaha!

6) I will eat healthier, and try to exercise and maybe join yoga! I need to prepare myself.. hahaha! And I will try to convince Melchor to live healthier as well!

7) Say my prayers every morning and night! Thank God every time I pray! hehe :) Yes, I love God, and I believe in His presence in my everyday life!

8) Aside from spending necessary expenses, I will try to save up my income, and will influence Melchor to do that also. I may spend a bit more during special ocassion only!

9) I will express my gratitude and appreciation to my Granny, Mom, Aunts, Sisters and Brother.. For without them, I can't imagine my life e!

10) I will remember to say "i love you" to Melchor! hahahaa! That's everyday! Because... just because! hahaha! :)

So far, these are my thoughts that I can think of as a New year's resolution for now.
I will reflect and maybe add to this list..
And I promise to do my list above! hahaha! Fine fine :P I will try my best talaga! hahaha!

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