Saturday, January 31, 2009

Peking Duck #3

Our last day in Beijing, we had lunch at Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant.
We read reviews about it, and I think it's a nice last day meal for us.
We had Peking duck at Quanjude and LiQun Restaurant. I've blogged Quanjude the other day, but I shall upload a photo of its duck, and also will blog LiQun Peking duck.

Right now, I jst finished uploading the duck of Da Dong Resto.
First off, we had a bit challenge finding the restaurant.
It's not easy to find it e! Beijing is so huge that I think they have to make a map solely for the names of the buildings!! hahaha!

When we got on Da Dong, one thing's for sure... the resto is really nice!
The place is nice, the service is good.
Oh, and they also have 10% service charge, just like Quanjude. :)

Aside from the traditional sweet sauce, cucumber, pancake and shallots, they also have some additional offerings like ginger, white sugar, garlic paste, preserved vegeables and pickles! I tried the garlic paste in my peking duck wrap, and it tasted delish!

And the duck! hahaha! I learned to eat the crispy duck skin with the sugar! It was so yummy!!! And one thing that's really nice about the duck by Da Dong, is that it doesn't taste oily.. When I ate on the crispy skin in sugar, it's not as oily as the first duck resto we tried.. and this is less than the 2nd one we visited.

Da Dong Restaurant is definitely one of the places a traveller must try in Beijing! The place is nice, the food is great, the duck is superb! I don't think you can get off Beijing without experiencing the duck.

Peking duck is Beijing's finest, don't forget to try it there.

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