Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peking Duck, anyone?

We've finally arrived Beijing! haha!
Definitely colder here than Shanghai! I think I was freezing to death earlier!
My Rapido 3-ply goose down jacket was not enough for the cold wind!!

Earlier, since we were walking around the Pedestrian street here called "Wangfujing - 王府井", and with the cold wind, Melchor and I went to taste our first Peking Duck here! I know that my friend, Debstone and as well as other officemates advised us to visit LiQun Peking Duck, rather than Quanjude, we just gave in and went for it! After all, it's better that we compare the 2 good houses of Peking duck here, right?

Quanjude was nearly packed! And I noticed that people come in and go every now and then.. Also the slicer of the peking duck comes back and forth serving personally the duck, slicing them for you to see. I guess, Melchor and I finally understand why friends were suggesting other houses than Quanjude, it's because.... it charges not cheap! hahahaha! Aside from the orders, this is the first time I've encountered a restaurant charging 10% for service fee!!! I know I should be used to this back in Manila... but here in China?!?!?! We ended paying our bill like not too far from Rmb 400.00 for the dinner! hahaha! We didn't only ordered the duck.. we ordered Pigeon soup (SIBUT!!!!), cold cuts (gusto ni Melchor e!) and also another dish - brocolli with duck wings pa pala. Also the sauces, the wrap and the leeks also have charges!! hahahaha! Well, now we know! We'll be visting LiQun also... Can't wait.. Peking duck is so delish!! And fatteningggggggg!!!!

I have to freshen up now.. We'll be visiting Great Wall tomorrow! I have to rest now and call my family to great them.. Happy Chinese New year to all!

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