Saturday, January 31, 2009

a Veluz bride

It's been more than 3 months since October 18.
I still haven't finalized my Suppliers' Rating. It seems that it was pretty hard that I've thought at first. But then again, I feel I still owe the other brides.. I will finish it... soon!! :)

Back to my blog entry.... how does it feel to be a Veluz bride.

I'm not exactly sure how I'm gonna start this entry. hahaha! It's not easy e!

I was a Veluz bride. I'm a forever Veluz bride.
A radiant girl, with the most beautiful gown ever!!!
My wedding gown designer - Veluz Reyes.

Melchor and I met Ms. V last year February, when we personally visited her for the first time. I've told Ms. V about my preferences and concerns, then she sketched a gown for me. I think I blogged it previously.

Now, come October 18, I was happy to see familiar faces around.. Ms. V and Niko were there... I was in Cloud 9! hahaha! :) I think there's nothing more that can make the day more exciting and beautiful.

A video of my dress by Veluz during preps...
Sorry I have to cut this entry short for now... I will continue this when the mood kicks in... I'm a bit piss with the internet.. it's sooo sloowwww!!

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