Monday, February 16, 2009

it's VDay!!

It's the time of the year once again... Christmas, New Year, Chinese New year.. then Valentine's day! With the special ocassion coming up rather closely this year, I found myself a bit tired of planning, thinking of how to celebrate this special day... Fortunately, my husband still have some kicks with him! haha! We started the day rather slow.. and just checked online what particular cuisine we were craving last Saturday morning! We actually chose Spanish food yesterday!! Then it's Spanish food then!

We chose 2 resto - El Willy and Azul Viva - which are said to have cozy, romantic place that we are looking for our vday dinner! Melchor called the 2 resto, to find the place was fully booked already. Azul Viva was more accomodating, telling us that we can come in around 9pm, and they will have table for us na... but for El Willy, they were a bit snobbish e!! too bad.. hehehe

We went to Azul Viva! We were caught offguard, we got there with a small sized paper place in our plate, as their menu for the night! hahaha! Melchor was expecting us to have Paella and gambas, and other Spanish dishes, yet, we have 2 kinds of Main course menu to choose from for the vday dinner!
hahaha! That's right.. We only get to choose - Beef or Fish. :)

I'll update this tomorrow.. it's already 1:37AM, andt still have work tomorrow! :)
Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day... I know it's just another day, but it's nice to have this classy date/dinner once in awhile. :)

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