Thursday, February 26, 2009

Less post!

I like to say that I've been in trance for the last 2 weeks.
I have some zits in my left cheekbone area.. I don't think I can visit a Dermatologist here in Shanghai, as opposed to my ever reliable Derma - Michael Chua of Imperial Dermatology in Manila.
It's been really cold here for the last 2 weeks! I'm still wearing my winter coat!! And to think it's almost the end of February. I'm having a running nose now.. Because of the cold weather!

Other than that, I guess I have some good things to be really happy about.
I got my NARS Hungry Heart Blush Duo and Kevyn Aucoin Blush in Neolita from the US! Yipeee!!!
NARS Hungry Heart Duo

Kevyn Aucoin Neolita Blush

Apart from that, I felt I need to pamper not only my face and body, but also my hair!
So I got myself a Kerastase Bain Satin 1 Shampoo and Kerastase Voile Nuit treatment for hair!
I got lazy to take a pic of the shampoo, but here's the Voile Nuit.
Kerastase Voile Nuit
Still, something to be happy about, right?
But to top everything off!! I definitely have to post this here...
My Man with my NARS!

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