Saturday, February 07, 2009

my Pretty Gown!!!

I've finally uploaded the amateur video I made, courtesy of my sister Ever.
I was having difficulty uploading vids and pics from where I am now.
Weird, really...

Anyway, the vid I did was just some pics I have from my 2 photographers - Nelwin Uy and Jill Lejano. I chose and mixed them up, just to showcase my gown.

I'm eternally grateful to my wedding gown designer, Veluz Reyes.

I felt pretty, radiant, happy, beautiful.... All good things a bride must feel.. A Veluz bride indeed.

From the first time we've met, she knew exactly what I wanted, and made it to perfection!!
It was exactly how I envisioned. I enjoyed the whole process, from sketching the gown on paper and through each and every fitting... I always felt special, truly happy and had fabulous time!
Ms. V and Niko are wonderful and their work is exquisite!

I think I can't thank them enough... hahaha!
Every now and then, I still receive compliments about how beautiful the gown was... hahaha!

I highly recommend every bride to be a Veluz bride. :)
Here I am, blogging my thoughts now about my gown, when I still haven't emailed and said thank you to Ms. V and Niko! hahaha!

I wish the day never ended... I wish everything can loop over and over again.. I wish it was still last year... and like last year's feeling, I will always be looking forward to every meeting, every fitting... They are now part of my happy memories, my favorite thoughts... my favorite things - my wedding gown.. and being a Veluz bride.

p.s. Please bear with me... I just have random thoughts regarding my wedding, that I haven't really finalized my suppliers' ratings! hahahaha! Will try to finished up before the month! Also, Melchor and I haven't sit-down and choose our wedding pics for the album! hahahaha! Hopefully we can do them na... Soon!!

p.p.s. Thank you also to my photographers... hahaha! For capturing the gown, the moments, the smile, the tears.. Thank you very much! Will blog also about them soon! hahaha! :)

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