Wednesday, February 04, 2009

new Jill Stuart blushes

I finally gave in to my forever lemming!!
I got myself the new blushes of Jill Stuart!
I'm soooooo happyyy!! Pure happiness!! hahaha!

But my happy bubbles were sort of burst immediately when I accidently close the lid with the plastic cover inverted, which made the Lovely Tulip blush not as perfect when I got it! huhuhuhu!!! sad!! So what I did, in spite of having my day's makeup removed from my face already, I use my blush brush and the JS brush to dust off the powder kinda damaged the perfect face of the blush!! huhuhuhu!!

Nevertheless, I think this happened so that I can start wearing them! hahaha! The blushes must be used, not only to look at!! hahaha Fine fine!! But they're soo prettyyy!!!! And I can't bear touching them really!!

Pure happinesssss!!! :)

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