Monday, March 09, 2009

BB Cream and Marbleade

It's been awhile since I first read about BB Creams.
To be honest, I'm not too clear about what the hype of these creams.. but I guess you can say, I'm very curious!
So, with that, I gave in and bought myself a BB Cream to try.
I'm searching for the best BB Cream, so that I'll just buy that.. instead of testing some of the BB Creams in the market! But then, I'm not sure if I like to do that.. :)

Anyway, it says here that: (*taken from here)


Blemish Balm, also call BB Cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to soothe and regenerate the skin. Soon, it became popular with many Korean celebrities.


-Helps to soften skin texture

-Prolonged used of product may help to improve overall texture of skin & fade acne scars

-Act as a makeup base & foundation

-Helps to cover the irregularities on the skin, even out skintone, camouflage undereye circles, scars & add radiance to face

I got myself Dr. Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Base Silver Label. Here's the poster of this BB Cream!
I will try this BB Cream tomorrow. A bit excited! :)

Also with that, I got myself Etude blushers called Marbleade!
I think these kinda look like MAC Mineralized Skin Finish... Since MSF are a bit pricey and hard to find, I found myself wanting to try these Marbleade!
They're pretty, right? Should I get myself the MAC Stippling brush to use this? hahaha! :)
I hope to use these soon! :) Yehey!!!!

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  1. how's the BB cream? ok ba? interested din ako magtry :)