Tuesday, March 24, 2009

bridging the Gap

Since Melchor's in Shanghai, and I'm here in Manila.. We only have the phone and internet to use for our communication. Like right now, we're chatting and using the webcam, waving like crazy, sending flying kisses!! And at present, I can see him dozing off!!!

tulog na!!!All smilesyawning MG

Smile smilemy hubbySerious naman
My happy hubbyMG waving

It's not easy, but we're doing the best we can!
You can say, I can't wait to be with him once again..
But for now, we're both happy to see each other, even if just using the webcam.

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  1. LOLz...Cant wait to see your haul! Better grab the p&j disney face colors while you still can.. its so pretty! OO nga maganda yung base makeup ng p&j and I heard most of their skincare are good too...what other products have you triedfrom p&j? I heard the mosituring compact foundation is good too and has better coverage... hope you could be beside with your hubby na :)