Sunday, March 15, 2009

Earlier is better

I found this quote that can well suit my post for the day:
"The earlier the better, so do it right now."

So how come I'm talking about having things done earlier? hahaha!

I know, I'm known for being a real crammer! I love the chase, the rush.. I think more clearly with time constraint! But of course, not everything should be crammed.

Melchor and I went to visit a hospital for a check-up! Yes, we went to a hospital here in Shanghai. It's not really easy, if you visit a local hospital. With all the medical terms in Chinese! Haha! Yes, they're not really easy! After that we also went to American Sino Obgyn Center here, which also conclude the first ultrasound that I did.

Here are the ultrasound images:

Anyway, to make the long story short, I will take an early vacation to Manila this time.
I'm not sure about the duration yet. As per my husband and family's encouragement, I will have to take tests again in Manila, and wait for the right time for the operation.

So what am I feeling right now? Actually, I'm more sad in the thought that I'll be leaving my husband here in Shanghai for some time! Hahaha! We've been inseperable since like forever!! And I'm so used to him being with me.. doing my packing, chores.. hahaha! Sorry!! I'm not really that scared in this thing inside me.. I know I need to remove this inside.. I'm thinking that I will not be with Melchor eh!! Hahahaha!! Ewww.. na ba? :) He'll be lonely and boring without me e! haha! But better alone and boring.. or else... hahah! Thank God for IP Cards, GPRS.. I think our phone bills will burning up soon!

I'm relieved and thankful for my Company for allowing me to go back Manila. I'm so sorry that I have to do this and I have this thing with me. I hope to come back here as soon as possible.

I'm happy with my family's encouragement.. I think they're worried that I'm thinking too much and get depressed! hahaha! I'm not actually.. I'm relaxed!! I think this is just normal.. If ever, I will have my first hospital experience!! So this is normal right?

Fine, I won't think too much anymore.. Or else my Blood pressure will start shooting up!! haha!

In conclusion, earlier is better right? So I'll be with my family soon.. but of course, my thoughts will always be with Melchor! These are all I can say for now. I'm strong, I'm okay.. I will defintely get through this.. :)

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