Friday, March 06, 2009

first time I saw the big Melchor

I think I already wrote somewhere that Melchor and I met when we were youngsters.
He of course doesn't remember any of it anymore! Hahaha!
I think the reason I remembered him, because he was so thin and had a very big round eyes!
Most of Chinoy peeps are born with chinky eyes!! Like me!! hahaha!
So that's the only reason on why I remembered him maybe 20 years ago!

Fast forward to 2006, when I was with my friend Anita, at the office, when we received an email from someone sending his resume! hahaha! And so we opened the file, I remember that my initial reaction at that time was -- hahaha! "Ano ba yan... Ang haba ng hair!! Unusual name naman, Melchor!" *sorry!
This was his picture back then! Haha! I think you guys will agree with me!! hahaha!
Looking back, when I think my reaction back then, I never thought that the guy whom resume I saw and read was the guy I'll be with forever!!! :)

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