Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Granny and Aunts' Gowns

Last Saturday, March 28, before we went to Mall of Asia, we spent the morning at a dress shop in Binondo - Yifu Fashion.
I saw my batchmate, Effie Yap there one time and since the name is so like Fookien - Yifu translates Clothes in English, it's hard to forget that there's an Yifu shop in Binondo.

While waiting for their designer, we had our lunch in Yifu's neighbor - Dong Bei Dumplings. This is a very small shop... being managed by Chinese couple (I'm assuming from Dong Bei! haha!) We had the following: Seafood omelette, Pan-fried Dumplings, Veggie Dumplings for Granny, Tofu. Also, a reminder, count your dumplings order! Just making sure you got the right number of dumplings per order!! That costs Php 150.00 you know!!!
- err.. I won't comment too much, but I think I will not visit this place anytime soon.
I'm researching and there are a lot of good reviews, but for me, I think I'm okay with trying it out that day. Sorry, but remember the lack of exhaust in that place, makes me feel like wanting to take a bath over and over again!

I believe Yifu Fashion's starting to draw some loyal customers.
Here's something about Yifu from the site:
Yifu Fashion is a dress shop located in the busy street of binondo, they cater to wide range of tailoring service!

They can create a wedding gown that would truly fit you on your special day. Need to look sharp for your business meetings? they can tailor fit an office attire for you. having an special evening in cocktail party? Yifu Fashion got the unique cocktail dress that would make heads turn your way!

They cater barong and pants for men.

Address: 644 Nueva St., Binondo, Manila
Tel No: 632-2476948
Mobile: 0916-7357105

* Taken from here: http://ph.88db.com/ph/Services/Post_Detail.page/Personals_Household_Services/Tailoring/?PostID=245491

So when my aunt Becca said that she'll be going to Yifu to have my Granny's gown made, I was interested. I took some photos last Saturday, with my Aunts and Granny holding their gown sketches!
My mom will have to find her Thai silk to be use as the cloth of her gown, so I'll post my Mom's sketch then.

For the meantime, here are the wonderful sketches of Yifu's Allan:

Let's now wait for my Mom's design! ;)
I also have to think what I'll wear for Cheska's wedding!! hahaha!

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