Friday, March 27, 2009

hauling Paul & Joe

When I was in Shanghai, I heard from my mom that they love Paul & Joe stuff, and I remembered they said they got a lot of stuff from P&J. I was not too excited about it.. The packaging was not as appealing as the others I use! hahaha!

Now that I'm here in Manila, I was curious.. After the SA Von there tried the new stuff with me... and I tried my best not too look excited! hahaha! It looked very nice, the foundation doesn't feel too heavy.. and it made my skin looked glowy!!! I have a lot of stuff already, and I don't think Melchor will be happy to know I'm not relaxing here for the operation! hahaha!

But then, Happy thoughts are Make-up right? So I need happy thoughts and these P&J are really nice!! I like them.. and I'm trying my best not to buy any more. I love to get my hands on the Disney Balls!! hahaha!! Please note that I got the above items in 2 purchases! The very preggy SA Annabel was really nice, which made me buy some stuff for the 2nd time!

Oh, I got the following so far:
1) Paul & Joe Protective Fluid Foundation UV
2) Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer UV
3) Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV
4) Paul & Joe Eyebrow Duo
5) Paul & Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation Refill
6) Paul & Joe Disney Milky Treatment

Oh, i got the makeup case bag and a suitcase for my freebie! Of course, not only did I got some stuff in order to avail the freebie, my Mom, sister and Aunt/Cousin also got some P&J stuff!! Adorable indeed!!

I'm also interested in their skincare!! And maybe I don't know.. lippie maybe? hahaha!

Hey Melchor, I'm doing my best not to buy makeup here.. but I cannot resist not getting P&J!! hahaha!


  1. That makeup bag is pretty! Love my p&j goodie, how about you? Tell me bout the moisturizing foundation when you try it...I'm planning to get one too... btw how much is the moisturizing compact foundation?

  2. Hello!! The moisturizing compact foundation refill costs Php 1200.00 (I think may less pa ata now). I wanted a P&J concealer sana e.. kaya lang, wala na raw stocks!! may nag ubos daw dahil sale! So I'm using this compact as my concealer.. it matches my skin tone talga e! Try ko tom, balitaan kita ah! :) I love the stuff, medyo fussy lang.. hahah! I'm not used to applying a lot of stuff kasi.. dba.. primer muna, fluid foundie, and powder foundie.. baka tamarin ako next time!! hahaha. Almost same tayo ng nabili noh?? galing!! Pero ang saya, you got the 2 Face Color Disney Balls/Beads!!

  3. Thanks for the info! OO nga un lng masama pagtinamad tau lolz... I was just suppose to get the disney balls pero since I was curious about the base makeup and such bumili narin ako.. oo nga ang galing nga halos same tau ng mga nabili...I was suppose to buy the moisturizing compact and milky treatment too pero ewan ko ba nakalimutan ko hahaha...naover excited ako sa mga ibang p&j items hahaha... Baka next tym ko sa p&j i'll get the moisturizing compact para hindi na need ng concealer tpos i'll get the milky treatment, and whitening serum too... kaso layo kc sa haus kaya god know when pa ako makakabalik...pero iniisip ko pa lng natutuwa nko lolz

  4. OMG!! What a Haul...I am drooing!

  5. that P&J haul is so tempting. i want! i think i should get. :D

  6. Thanks!! :D
    I actually want a lot of P&J stuff!! haha! :)