Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hot Pot in Manila

My mom, sister and I had dinner last night at Golden Fortune Restaurant in Soler Gandara Street.
It's a very popular resto here.. and I heard it's usually full during weekends.
Hearing that, I quickly reserved for a table for the night.

Here's our "shabu-shabu" dinner:

The dimsum there was great! Since we just ordered 2 kinds, it was good.
Golden Fortune Resto did improved a lot since I was last there.
The contact details:

  • Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant

  • G/F, Peace Hotel # 1283 Soler St., Binondo
  • Manila, Metro Manila
  • (02) 244-2777

It was really fun! Eating with my Mom and Erica.
I was full.. it's not cheap.. hahaha!
But definitely, a different hot pot than in Shanghai! :)

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