Tuesday, March 03, 2009

our Wedding Invites

It's been awhile since I last posted something wedding related.
Let me blog this time, about our Wedding Invitation.

I remember that my parents always get to receive some wedding invitations from friends, and I recall that I do like looking at them. I think during those times, the common invitation was the Gold and Red one. It's been tradition to use these 2 colors - especially Chinese Weddings - for good luck I guess.
Abundance, Luck, Prosperity - Red and gold. hahaa!

I personally never wanted to really spend too much on invites. Who keeps this things anyway? haha!
But I guess looking at sites related to wedding, I was amazed by Letterpress.
I love my invitation to be Letterpress!! hahaa! I think to Melchor's relief, this was not that available yet in Manila. And with my family and coordinator located in Manila, it will be better if it was done in Manila.

Looking at the suppliers in Manila, Melchor and I only visited one - The Write Impression.
But I did inquire at WEG design, also with Village Projekt.
In the end, we chose The Write Impression. Simply because we don't want our invitation to screw up! hahaha! With TWI's rep in Manila, it is one of the most reliable printing company there is.

I don't know where to start to this entry.. Doing the invites was one of the most challenging for me.
I wanted a not so usual invites kasi.. And I have to thank Melchor for enduring with me those sleepless nights of research and rantings!! Hahaha! I also have to say thank you to my wonderful coordinator, Clarice, for keeping up with us!! Hahaha! Really appreciate her help.. :) Melchor and I were bad not able to meet up the deadline! hahaha! sorry!

I have to also thank The Write Impression - Jong and Joanne! Especially to Joanne!!! For keeping up with me and my Mom and my sister, Erica! hahaha! They were really helpful!! The Invites were more than what we expected!! :) Thank you for the patience and the 7 drafts! Hahaha!

Lastly, I have to thank my Mom and Erica!! Erica, for personally going to the office of The Write Impression and helped us chose and finalize the Invites! If ever she wasn't able to go there, I don't think we'll get the invites in time! hahaha! Then my Mom, who helped us finalized the Chinese invites perfectly!! I believe she had 12 drafts, for the Chinese part!!! Hahahaha!

I have all praises for the The Write Impression! Quality, service, reliability...
They smell really nice pa!! I think some of our friends commented on that!
I still have some copies of the Invites! Melchor said we'll used them on our 25th Silver Anniversary?
Hahahaha! :) For inquiries, call them at (632) 867-4207.

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