Tuesday, March 24, 2009

reminiscing the Preps

Yesterday, I got a surprised YM from Candy Chu-Chao.
To be honest, I'm not really a very active W@Wie.. I mean, I'm part of this e-group up to now.. until I finally finish my Supplier's rating, which is taking me forever to wrap it up!!
I remember adding up Candy in my YM list, because I had some questions regarding entourage gown maker - Farley. I believed I considered before to have Farley do the entourage gown, but in the end, I chose Veejay Floresca.

As I am not really active in W@W, I got a message from Candy, asking about my picture as avatar in my Yahoo Messenger. It's actually me and Melchor's pic last October 18, of course me in my bridal gown.

We kinda talked about wedding!! Hahaha! Comparing suppliers.. Veluz, Niko, Threelogy, Clarice, Alex Franco, Balay Kandila... sharing fun times of the wedding preparation. Hahaha! I felt we once again went back to the prep days... though of course, we now know the outcome of the wedding.

It felt really nice.. to reminisce the good times, especially the wedding! It went perfectly for us!!
I hope to get marry again and again and again!! hahaha!
I wonder if it's okay with Clarice to have us making "kulit" to her!! hahaha!!
And I will surely savor and smile Clarice saying: "Kalokahh!!!" hahahahah!! :)

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