Friday, March 06, 2009

small haul for the day

I got myself some treats for today!
I first got the 3M Acne Dressing I ordered online.
I'm having some acne troubles for the last few weeks, and I hope this will work! :)
After that, I finally got my Jill Stuart stuff!!! Happiness!!!!
I got myself - Jill Stuart Lipstick #17 Sunset Glow and #7 Hush Blush!
They look pretty, right? Smelled good too!! Hahahah!!
I still haven't tried them yet.. but the looks of the lippies... I'm wanting more! hahaha! Happy happy!!!


  1. hi ria, i only knew about your blog today and your posts are interesting. have i told you before, god parents namin sa kasal yun aunt and uncle ni hubby mo :) yun ahiya niya yun kilala ko :) anyways, i love reading your stories... same pala obsessions natin - make-up!! hehe saan ka nakakabili ng P&J and Jill Stuart stuff?

  2. Hi Wanda! Thanks for visiting my blog! Haha! Medyo mga blabbings and whinnings lang! I love your blog! haha! Congrats to you and your hubby! Your boy's so cute! Smiling face pa! :D
    I think ka-batch mo si Bro-inlaw, Marvin. Ano names ng God parents mo? I will ask Melchor.. Actually I told him about your comment na, he's asking sino raw kaya..? Haha! Magastos obsessions natin! Hahaha! I got my P&J stuff sa Manila nun and the Jill Stuart naman, sa online shops.. If you need anything, I can get them for you! may online shops kasi dito sa China.. I can get and send them to you! :) let me know what you like lang.. for the BB Cream, I tried it one time, but medyo dry kasi skin ko nun and winter here in Shanghai, the BB cream was a bit drying. I gave it to my sister in Manila, which she loves naman!! Daming klaseng BB Creams e! Don't know what to buy mas okay. hmm saya ng mga makeups noh? Lol!