Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today marks my first week here in Manila.
So what's been up with me?

Well, after researching tons of possible doctors.. I finally felt ease and settled. I think I almost memorized the doctors in St. Luke's Medical Center! hahahah!
I'm awaiting time for my upcoming operation.
My mom's been prepping me up and strengthening me!!
Can you imagine what that is? hahaha! That includes eating some herbal Pigeon soup, Black Chicken soup, and bird's nest!! Yes, I know they're not cheap, but our health is the most important of all.

To be honest, since I have some time to spare, I contemplated of going back to Shanghai, and be with Melchor for now, then we just come back for the operation. But since the doctor's advise that there's a possibility of rupture and it can become painful that will need immediate operation. This kinda made me and Melchor decide that it will be better that I just say in Manila for now.

And so, here I am... waiting for Melchor, eating, preparing myself for next month.. So what have I been eating here...? hahaha!!

My food for the first week here in Manila. More nutritious food for the coming months!
It's not I'm craving them.. but more of I now need to focus on my health.
Thanks to My Mom, Aunts, Grandma, Sister and Melchor.. for making me realize I now need to prepare and take care of myself!!

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