Tuesday, April 21, 2009

After April 15

Hi! First off, I like to thank all friends who texted, email, send messages and greetings via YM and Facebook.
I'm now okay and already home.
April 15 is now part of my unforgettable dates. Prior to going to The Medical City, we met a small incident, which made us arrived late at the hospital. hahaha!

We're supposed to be at the Medical City around 10:30AM, but we arrived 1.5hour late.. and with no room yet available for us! It's so weird that with all the hospitals here in Metro Manila, there's still shortage of room accommodations! Thanks to Papa Gan, which advised us to book our room in advance, we were at the waiting list in my preferred floor and preferred room. We chose the Deluxe Room of The Medical City, because of its size and I guess maybe value for money? haha!

The Medical City I can say is one nice hospital around Manila. Though it's really far away from where we lived, I still think it's one of the good hospital. (I think even Erica will agree to this! haha!)

My Mom, Melchor and I arrived TMC past 12nn already. We immediately went to the Admitting section to secure our room. Since my reserved room still being occupied, I was ushered to the Pre Labor Room, to prep me for the operation on that day. I'll be undergoing a laparoscopic cystectomy.
FYI, Laparoscopic cystectomy is:

What is a laparoscopy?

A laparoscopy is a procedure in which your health care provider uses a laparoscope to treat a problem with organs or tissue inside your abdomen. A laparoscope is a thin tube with a light and tiny camera.

When is it used?

This operation may be done to remove a cyst on or in one of your ovaries. The ovaries are the organs that make and store eggs.

Examples of alternatives are:

  • having the cyst drained with a needle (in some cases)
  • having more extensive abdominal surgery
  • choosing not to have treatment.
*Taken from http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/wha/wha_lapovcys_crs.htm
So I was at Pre-Labor room, changed to the TMC Gown, I was being interviewed by the OB-Gyne Resident at the Pre Labor Room.. about my medical history.. I was injected there with dextrose, then the Cleansing Enema.. (yuck..!!), and had a Skin Test for the antibiotics. I don't have my watch with me, Melchor and my Mom was at the waiting area.. in a bit while, an Ob-Gyne Surgery resident fetched me, and wheeled me to the Laparoscopy Operating room! I asked the Resident if things around there pretty much the same as Grey's Anatomy.. So much for Melchor's downloads! haha! The time then was 2:30PM.

The aircon at the OR was freeziing! I asked for a thick blanket then! It was color pink! hahaha! Then, in a bit later, I saw a guy fuzing the monitor, typing the name of Dr. Sua-Lao. Then, a resident checked my skin test, placed on the ECG, BP monitoring, and oxygen level monitoring. Wahh.. Things are starting to get serious!

Then, I saw a guy in Orange scrubs. He's my Anaesthiologist, His name is Dr. Odi. (I think his full name is Dr. Tygran Romeo Odi). He's so much fun!! Hahaha! He asked my previous hospital history, which is NONE! Hahaha! He asked: this is your first surgery..? I said: Yes! And I told me to please make it a good one! Wahahah! He smiled and laughed at me, then told me not to worry!

Then, another lady in orange scrubs came in.. it's Dr. Chiao-Ling Sua-Lao! I saw the time then around 3:05PM. She's really on-time ah! hahaha! :) I'm so relieved to see her! She asked if I had a lot of bowel movement, I said yes, she said good. I was trying to be quiet na.. and just listening how Dr. Sua-Lao and Dr. Odi was chatting.. I think they're good colleague. :)

Then, later, Dr. Odi told me, I'm so lucky to have 2 good surgeons with me: "I got the Laparoscopic God and Laparoscopic Lord" (Sorry, I kinda missed out this part). I have Dr. Sua-Lao with me and her partner, Dr. Luna (I'm still checking out Ob-Gyne Dr. Luna - will update soon).

Dr. Sua-Lao came back, and said, she will first check my tubes.. then in less than 1 minute, Dr. Odi injected me the anaesthesia, then boom, I'm like a TREE LOG na.. :P The time was 3:40PM. I slept throughout the whole ordeal.

I woke up around 7PM, freezing to death! I felt I became a frozen meat, being defrost! I was really freezing!!! I told the nurse, I'm so freezing to death!!! Wahhh!! In awhile, I felt really hungry!! I told the nurse, I'm so hungry.. the nurse told me that I cannot eat pa.. Trying my luck again, I asked for water, as I was so thirsty... I sipped a couple, then, in a bit, I was feeling nauseous and vomitted the water.

Around 10PM, I was transferred to my Room 510. I met the smiles of Melchor, my Mom and Erica. They are all waiting for me.

I was not able to sleep that night. A nurse kept on showing up on me, to check my temperature, get my BP and Pulse rate, check my dextrose - for every hour!!! I was trying to move to left and right that night.. with Erica helping me patting my back, due to some back pain. I felt some pain in my stomach, but I guess with some pain killers, I can tolerate the pain.

The next day, Melchor and my Mom woke up early (around 5:30AM), as they will drive to Manila to buy and cook Lapu-Lapu soup for me. The day went on pretty boring.. Nurses shifted 3x, I can only take in clear soup (because I haven't passed out yet), a lady offering me sponge bath, a guy from billing department to inform Melchor about using the Philhealth, cleaning guy to sanitize the place and the bathroom, my food tray being delivered, a resident checking on me, etc. The nurse removed my catheter around 6AM. I can start to pee by myself. I felt there are a lot of visitors! I can only sleep for a short time in betweens. My Aunt Becca and cousin Ivy came for a visit, and brought a Lapu-Lapu Soup for me! wahh!!! Then around 2:30PM, I got a special visitor, Dr. Chiao Ling Sua-Lao. She checked my wounds, and ask if I had already passed-out, pee by myself and start walking. I told her yes, and She told me that I can be discharged na! hahaha! We had a meet-up on April 22 (tomorrow), then, just informed me my medicine - antiobiotic and pain killer. She also filled-up my philhealth form. Dr. Sua-Lao said I can now go home.

The nurse at that time was Kate, and she was surprised that Dr. Sua-Lao told me I can be discharged na. Also comparing me and some of the other patients having CS and same surgery, they have to stay around 3 days or so, before discharge. But for me, since I can walk, passed-out, move around.. I can now go home. Even Dr. Odi informed the nurses that I can already be discharged.

So, Melchor rushed to our house, to complete my philhealth requirements. My mom got the total bill from billing department.. Melchor came in on time to settle the account, I can now go home!!

I don't know how to end this post! hahaha! I had a great experience with The Medical City. I got the best doctors!! I'm recovering pretty well. My room in TMC was a Deluxe Room. It was nice and spacious.

Things I ate after the operation: Lapu-lapu fish soup, Hot Chocolate, Milo, Ovaltine, Cereal, Quaker oats, Misua.. Fruits like grapes, apples, and drinking a lot of water and grape juice. What else can I share.. hmmm..

I'm very thankful that the operation went well. I'm happy that I have my wonderful family around, and my supportive husband to accompany my ordeal. I said my thank you to God.. and I hope I can do Him proud to new things I'll be doing after this.


  1. Good luck! I had the same procedure done..I had a functional cyst aspirated and my left ovary detached from my intestine (scar tissue from a ruptured appendix).

    Lucky you for all the love and support!

  2. Thanks Jamilla!
    I'm now doing good.. Hopefully I can start shopping for makeup! ;) hahah!