Tuesday, April 14, 2009

preparing for April 15

After a month since the first hospital visit in Shanghai.. I'm preparing myself now for the operation tomorrow.

I kinda don't know really what to think. I'm confident about the operation tomorrow.. But I think I'm more concern that tomorrow will be my first time to be in a hospital.

I know this may sound no biggie to all of you, but for me, I was really hoping that my first hospital experience is something not like the operation tomorrow. Anyway, life's full of surprises, right? You can't have them all.. :)

Melchor and I went to visit Dr. Chiaoling Sua-Lao last Monday. Her clinic that time was in nearby Condesa St., Binondo area. I knew for a fact that there are a lot of patients visiting her in the Binondo clinic, but still, Melchor and I were in a relaxed mood, and was just dilly-dallying around before opening the door of Dr. Sua-Lao's clinic. To our surprise, we were her #27 patients! At that time, it was 10:30AM... so we waited, and waited and waited. Talking, teasing around.. hugging, planting small kisses, holding hands.. watching patients come in and out of the Doctor's room.. waiting for our turn.. Then around 1:20PM, Dr. Sua-Lao's assistant, Inday, told me that we're next.. So can you imagine the time we waited at Dr. Sua-Lao's clinic! Hahahaa! 3 hours!! Oh, I forgot, in between that, Dr. Sua-Lao came out and noticed me among her patients, and asked her assistant to show me the CD of her Dermoid Cyst operation.. Which Melchor and I watched, along with a male stranger nearby.. hahaa! Watching her video actually made us more confident with Dr. Sua-Lao, also added some questions in our mind.

So it was 1:30pm when Melchor and I finally ushered in to Dr. Sua-Lao's room. I introduced Melchor to Dr. Sua-Lao, and her first question was: "He is a Chinese also?" hahahah! Because of Melchor's feature, he can fooled anyone that he's a non-Chinese.

And so, we were at Dr. Sua-Lao's clinic. She showed us an edited version of dermoid cyst laparoscopy operation. She patiently pointed out and illustrated the procedure she'll be doing tomorrow. At the same time, we were squeezing in some questions for her to answer. I still have some luck in my side, as Dr. Sua-Lao pointed out, based on the ultrasound, my cyst was more of a fluid component, rather than some other cyst, who's more oily ("masebo"). She estimated a 2-hour operation.. Hay.. tomorrow na pala yun!

And so, she prescribed some stuff for me to do yesterday and today. Also some instructions for the check-in tomorrow. I have to take Dulcolax and PhosphoSoda last night and this lunch.



So taking the Dulcolax and Phospho-Soda made me feel really weird!! I don't think I will describe them here.. This is the first tiem I took laxative, so this is really weird.

Anyway, I have to end this entry for now.. With our picture yesterday at Dr. Sua-Lao's clinic... Her contact details can be found at http://www.thefilipinodoctors.com/ or you can send me a message, I'll be happy to share the contact details of Dr. Sua-Lao.

Lastly, just blogging an update for my upcoming operation.
I'm just happy that Melchor's here with me right now, and I'm praying for the success of my operation tomorrow. Thank you all!
Dr. Sua-Lao's Condesa Clinic


Posing at Dr. Sua-Lao's clinic! hahaha! :)

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