Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The thing and Parting again..

Aside from visiting Dr. Chiaoling Sua-Lao today, Melchor is scheduled to go back to Shanghai this 8:20PM via Cebu Pacific airlines. Of all days in the week, it was raining hard in the afternoon!!

So my Mom signed us up to meet Dr. Sua-Lao this afternoon. When we arrived at her clinic in Condesa St., her assistants showed us first the video of the operation! I finally got to see the whole 2 hour operation!!! I saw how Dr. Sua-Lao and gang finally peeled out the dermoid cyst. I got to see the cyst! It's not a good looking thing.. and it really made me wonder how can this thing be inside me!!!
Here's the picture of the dermoid cyst.
* Taken from the operation video

My right ovary was checked again for bleeding. The ultrasound showed no more bleeding.
I have to go back to Dr. Sua-Lao again next week Tuesday, to check for follicle monitoring.
We had some talks with Dr. Sua-Lao, then, we're on to bring Melchor to the airport.
Since it rained, with fear of traffic all-over Metro Manila, we finally just went straight-on to the airport. City Hall area was jammed, but luckily, the rain was starting to stop.

We drove Melchor to the airport on time. Phew!!
I guess I once again will count the days till we get together again.. 13 days! hahaha! I have to do a ticker nanaman ah! LOL! I wish it will be May 6 na.. Melchor will be here once again. :)
Melchor @ NAIA3

I'll see you on May 6!

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  1. Glad to see you're on the mend!! I had a functional cyst which was drained, but it was 2.5 INCHES across and it hurt!!

    Good luck with your healing!