Monday, April 06, 2009

Updating - April 1 and 2, 2009

Last week was a bit fast for me.
Our car was picked-up on April 1. I rushed my Mom to have the car checked, and boy, it needed some repairs. I'm preparing the car for this coming week. Melchor will be flying-in.. and I'm not that excited yet.. haha!

But for April 1, I went to downtown Divisoria area.. to bring something for my Mom-inlaw Mama Gan.
She had a lump at her back, long before.. and I remember this was one of her concerns during the gown fitting for the wedding. And so, the day before April 1, she had it removed in Metropolitan Hospital.
So bringing in some food for her recovery, I passed by Red Ribbon Bakeshop in Quintin Paredes Binondo, bought ube roll, sugar-free mamon and had lunch there. I ordered, Pan-grilled Chops in Half serving. It also included soft drink and a cake, I chose Blueberry cheesecake!! Cool right?

Then, Melchor's sister, Marilou and I visited Mama Gan. Then, went on to Melchor's Big Aunt's place.. then, finally, went to Melchor's Uncle Herman's place to get the albums he prepared for us. We're very happy and thankful that we at least have some pictures and albums to showcase our wedding! hahaa! After that, my Aunt Beth fetched me to accompany them to our family Dermatologist, Dr. Michael Chua, for Joie's Laser-hair removal, My Diamond Peel and my Aunts' IPL session.

On to April 2, I finally had the urge to visit my last couple of OB-Gyne choices.
My mom and I, without our vehicle, used the public transportation cab this time, to visit the Doctor we arranged in the morning, that's Dr. Leonardo Almeda. He's actually one of the pioneer in doing test-tube babies. He said so that his specialty is really doing test-tube babies.
He's actually pretty good, but I was surprised by the consultation fee he charged to us.
With him, I have the following findings and clarification:
1) I have a dermoid cyst in my right ovary. (The cyst first discovered in Shanghai)
2) I have a Polycystic ovarian syndrome in my Left ovary. (I never knew there's something in my left ovary!!)
3) I'm not pregnant. (The 2 doctors I previously visited wanted me to wait for my period first before operation. As per Dr. Almeda, looking at the ultrasound, he confidently said I'm not pregnant).
With Dr. Almeda, he suggested to use small incision for the operation. What he can do for 30mins, if to use laparoscopy, it will take around 1.5hours. And with the kind of cyst I have, it needs to be removed as a whole.. and have to avoid rupture. He also said that PCOS in my left ovary can be manageable. PCOS meant that there are eggs in my ovary.. in case I opted for a IVF. After hearing about the consultation fee, I think Melchor will like me to move on and meet with another OB. haha!

I honestly don't know what to think anymore, after learning that I not only have a dermoid cyst in my right ovary, but a PCOS in my left. I mean.. There are a lot of Whys... but in the end, I just have to suck it up and go forward to take good care of my health, not only for me, but for Melchor and my family as well.

After that, my Mom and I visited another doctor, Dr. Chiao Ling Sua-Lao. I've read her name in some forums couple of times. But I think it was an acquiantance email about her Endo Cyst ordeal that triggered me to visit Dr. Sua-Lao. To visit Dr. Sua-Lao is really easy. She has a clinic here in Condesa area, Binondo.. But based from what I've read, patients in her Binondo clinic wait a very long time!!! So on that Thursday afternoon, after visiting Dr. Almeda, My mom and I immediately took a cab to her other clinic, which is the very far and huge The Medical City. We got there around 1:15PM in the afternoon. We first went to her clinic at 1604. (Yes, that's on the 16th floor), and sign in as her patient for that day. Would you believe that with her clinic starting at 3:00PM, we were there at 1:15pm, we're already on #3 of her list of patient!! Wahh!!! Dr. Sua-Lao specialty is Infertility and Laparoscopy Specialist. I think I love that, don't you thinK? haha! Finally!!!

Dr. Sua-Lao arrived nearing 4PM already. When it's our turn to her clinic, it was a breeze feeling..? It's like the consultation happened to fast, and I wished I could rewind what was explained to me! Haha! She said that time that she just finished a laparscopic operation of a dermoid cysts also. This cyst is one of the common cysts of the ovary nowadays. She checked me again via TVU, and she showed me that my cyst mainly composes of fluids, and some hair. She said she preferred this kind of cyst, as there are others who are very "masebo" (very oily), mine's not. Thank God!

She prescribed me to take Metformin for my left PCOS, once a day after dinner. She also want me to take a blood test at Asiatic Laboratory in Binondo. And want me to check-in when the first day of my period arrived, and lastly, she also want Melchor and I to visit her on the 13th at her Binondo Clinic, to show us a video how laparoscopy is being done, and she wants Melchor to have some tests also.

I will blog about my Asiatic Laboratory experience. I'm still awaiting my results, as some results will be available by April 16. Wahh!! Even Melchor can't believe that it will take them that long!! But since this coming Thursday is a Maundy Thursday... There's a long weekend holiday here. So no choice but to wait till April 16.

I think my final OB-Gyne deserves a separate blog entry, right? hahaha! I will talk more about her soon. I have to stop here.. So far, these are my updates to my upcoming surgery

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