Friday, May 22, 2009

blocked again!!

I'm already here in Shanghai, China.
Melchor and I are now back to our work and daily habit here in Shanghai.
Nothing much changed in our room.. Of course, si Melchor pa! Hahaha!
He loves arranging things.. haha!! But of course, my table counter was still the same as I left them - Full of my prettifying stuff! haha! is once again blocked! Cannot read anything with blogspot in my google reader!!
Hmmm... so sad!!

I hope blogspot will once again work out here.. I missed blogging! And I love to journal my dilly dally things I'm doing here.. haha! :) Please.. hope blogspot can be access again here in China!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

bye Manila again..

Hi.. it's been awhile since I last posted here.
Melchor came to Manila last May 6.
Went to Glorietta May 7 to buy Melchor's polo shirt for his suit.
Visited my Ob on May 8, and went to St. Luke's for some tests.
My cousin Cheska got married last May 9.
Had a relatives dinner last May 10.
Dinner with Melchor's family last May 11.
Went to UST hospital for check-up and finally met and had dinner with my friends May 12.
My Mom's birthday on May 13, we went to Tagaytay and visited the Pink Sisters, to pray and said thank you for my operation.
Had a busy day today, May 14.. but ended the night with a buffet dinner with my Family here at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel.

The last few weeks went on pretty fast.. and I guess I'm feeling sad once again, that I'll be leaving my family again.. Hay...

But I guess I have to just look forward to the time we'll be home again..
I have nothing but love and praise for my Mom.. She had all the goodness in her heart to make me well. Happy Birthday Mama! Love you always! Thank you very much for the 2 months of nurturing me.. Now I have to lose weight na naman! hahaha!

Thank you also to my siblings, Erica and Ever. I hope Eidan will not easily forget me! hahaha!
My aunts, Aibecca and Aibeth, cousins Cheska, Marika, Ivy and Joie.. I enjoyed being with them so much! I guess these are the stuff you really miss about home. hay... *sigh*

So I have to continue to make myself healthy.. live a different lifestyle now.
I have to checkout a good Ob clinic also in Shanghai.

Home will always be home.. Though I'm still in Manila, I'm missing HOME already.. *sigh*