Tuesday, June 30, 2009

bad colds

I'm having a bad case of colds right now, courtesy of Melchor, who gave me this virus!
In this A(H1N1) popularity period, I practiced a bit of self-quarantine.. haha!
I'm a bit wary of giving out the colds to my officemates.

I already took Bufferin Cold day and night, Delcogen and Neozep.. which were not effective with me already. I still had the running nose this morning!!

Anyway, I got myself new meds now. I took one this morning and another one tonight.
This is the most effective cold medicine I found here in China - Contac NT.
This medicine better work! Haha! I know it will work.. Please... Colds and running nose, go away!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Man in the Mirror

We had a small party earlier tonight, for colleague Davey's son, Daryll's 3rd birthday.
It was fun! The food was great! We had spaghetti, ice cream, muffin, roasted chicken..
Then there's the Videoke mic.
You may ask, what is a Videoke? LOL!!!

Videoke is a very popular form of entertainment in the
Philippines. An entertainment in which amateur singers or just anybody who wants
to try singing, sing along with recorded music using a microphone. On video, the
voice of the original singers are removed or muted and the lyrics are displayed
with corresponding moving cursors and changing text colors so that one can
easily follow the song. These serve as a guide to successfully deliver the song.
It can be in a plain TV with an attached player or it can also be a videoke
machine wherein you press the corresponding buttons to enter the number of your
song and then play it.

I saw in the booklet, Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson. Something very hard to pass. It's one of my all-time favorite song, the lyrics so beautiful. I remember listening to my cassette tape during high-school years, just to get the lyrics. Sorry, internet was a very far technology then. hahaha! Indeed, change must start in ourselves.

Anyway, I guess with the good music MJ shared in this lifetime, he will be greatly miss.. Great song, brilliant artist.. here's to MJ!!!

my Jill Stuart blushes

I always love blushes! I believe a pop of color in the cheeks can give you the glow...
I will admit I'm passionate in buying blushes! I prefer to use passionate, rather than obsessed! LOL!
So far, I have 8 Jill Stuart blushes with me. I think I just tried #7, but I hope to use them in my daily regimen! I know! I have 1 face only and put on subtle makeup for office! But they're just so pretty!

I hope to get the 2 other more and the new one (just read from a blog) before the year ends! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

back blogging: Bridal shower party

I think I've posted before that my sisters, Erica and Ever planned a bridal shower for me. - My SPA-arty.

Now that I do think about the hectic days and weddings, I can't help but smile and wonder how did my sisters manage to hid the bridal shower from me! haha! And Melchor!! he was an accomplice with this!! To think at that time, I was really fuming mad at him for making plans with his friends, when in fact, I wasn't able to meet my close friends since the time we landed Manila then.

After the My SPA-arty post, my sister Erica told me that the invitation in that post was not the final one. She emailed me the final invitations for my copy here. With that, I'm now posting this as a token for the surprise party which was made for me!

I still think about good ol' days.. hahaha! I know, it's been ages already.
I like to thank my sisters, Erica and Ever for organizing this. I guess, the time then was perfect, since I was a bit stressed-out with the wedding. Also I like to thank my cousins and friends, for coming and celebrating a stress-free night with me! hahaha! Though I still remember the hot paraffin wax you guys made me try that night! It was hot as hell!! LOL!
I still haven't blog some of my suppliers yet, but hey, this is just me! I will do this in my own time.
But it doesn't mean that I'm not thank for them. I had a wonderful wedding day, and I have my heartmost thanks to all my suppliers!
I think deep inside, I still haven't truly let go of the wedding preps and the wedding itself!
Haha! I know it's almost a year already!! But this is just me.. so don't mind my antics! :p

The pictures of the SPA-arty can be found here. A simple slideshow of what happened that evening. I had a "No Melchor" night, I guess, for the last time of this life! hahaha!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy trip Girlie!

Today, my friend Girlie will start the adventure of her life!
As much as I wil miss her, I can't help but feel real happy for her.
It's everybody's dream to travel around.. travel places, and the American dream!! Haha!
I just have to post this and really wish her all the fun, exciting!
Hope she enjoy her time, meet people! LOL!!
All the best for my friend, Girlie!!

Happy trip Girlie! Let's update each other every now and then! :)

We'll miss you!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my fellow wifeys: in addition

I know my previous post may not be too clear, in terms of their stories..
I felt it's not me who must share them in my blog.. haha! :)
that's all.. :)

Shoutouts to both Joy and Gen! Cheers to you!!
Also to Girlie, happy trip to you!! Please update me when you landed the land of the free! haha!
I love to hear your adventures every now and then.. :p

my fellow wifeys

I know I haven't been posting since I came back here.
As you all may know now, blogspot.com is still blocked here in China.

It's not so easy to post and update as before, but I hope to do this more in the coming days.
I miss blogging! So let's blog and blog and blog..

Yesterday, I was able to rekindle with old friends...
I'm not a very clingy person kasi.. I don't need to be with a group every so often..
I'm okay with talking to them for sometime, then have a break after..
Of course, I have some close friends, which I can talk to everyday.. or maybe thru chat..
Just like my friend, Girlie, who'll be going to the US this Sunday for 2 months!!
We kinda lose touch since I came to Shanghai, but after awhile, we can still talk and tackle anything and everything! haha!

So yesterday, June 17, I was chatting with old friends - Joy Co-Lim and Gen Ng-Tiong.
I met both of them from different places.
Joy was my classmate during CKSC Elementary days, I remember our passion with Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books! LOL! Those were the days.
Gen was our group leader when we went to Taiwan Dynamic Youth. She married fellow group's Ton-Ton Tiong last 2007... Sad to say, I wasn't able to attend their wedding, but I heard it was a blast!

Talking to both of them yesterday, I realized that I may not been really serious with our health.
I mean, okay.. I now eat healthy and all.. I drink lots of water.. I'm aware of my condition.. with polycystic ovarian syndrome.. I drink my medication.. I think about my condition and how I go about it.. I consider myself lucky, to be able to know my condition at this early stage of my marriage; and I have Melchor, who I know will stand by me no matter what.

My friend, Joy, I think gave me more faith and brought me more courage to overcome this period I'm having right now. Her story is the most wonderful and meaningful journey, that can give each and everyone more hope and love. And with her hubby, Erwin, they now have their cute boy, Enzo! Wow!! You can definitely say, what a journey!

And now, with my friend Gen, she shared with me the challenges she faces with her hubby today. With Joy's story, I shared with Gen, there are wonders in this world... Everybody have to be strong and determine to do everything.

To be honest, their stories made me a bit wary and scared. What if I have the same problem, but I wasn't able to know about it, since I'm here in Shanghai... the thought of having to go through what they've been through jolted the brain cells in me.. I was thinking last night, but since I was a bit tired, I got dozed off and just sleep as early as 8:30PM.. haha!

Anyway, I guess I just want to share the thoughts I just had.. haha!
In the end, I know that my friendship with my fellow wifeys will continue.. with the challenges we're facing, I won't say it's close close..? It's in existence.. I don't feel bounded to be with them always, but I know we will always have each other when it's time to talk and share once again.. :)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

our new Toy

It's a bit hassle to update this blog, due to the blockage of blogspot.com here in China.
So, please pardon my lack of posts lately.
I will try my best to get the groove and most some new stuff, happening, updates.. hahah!

Last weekend, Melchor and I got a new toy.
And we tried using it na! We just fuzz about it here in our room.
So you guys may find this 2 pic boring! haha!
Also pardon my naked face! LOL!
I always wash and clean my face before I lay down here in my bed.
So here's my bare face! hahaha! I have some bad skin in my forehead!! Grrr...

Pardon the sleepy eyes, naked face, bad skin!
But it proves the the toy is really nice! Got clear pics!
We just need time to play with it pa! :)