Thursday, June 25, 2009

back blogging: Bridal shower party

I think I've posted before that my sisters, Erica and Ever planned a bridal shower for me. - My SPA-arty.

Now that I do think about the hectic days and weddings, I can't help but smile and wonder how did my sisters manage to hid the bridal shower from me! haha! And Melchor!! he was an accomplice with this!! To think at that time, I was really fuming mad at him for making plans with his friends, when in fact, I wasn't able to meet my close friends since the time we landed Manila then.

After the My SPA-arty post, my sister Erica told me that the invitation in that post was not the final one. She emailed me the final invitations for my copy here. With that, I'm now posting this as a token for the surprise party which was made for me!

I still think about good ol' days.. hahaha! I know, it's been ages already.
I like to thank my sisters, Erica and Ever for organizing this. I guess, the time then was perfect, since I was a bit stressed-out with the wedding. Also I like to thank my cousins and friends, for coming and celebrating a stress-free night with me! hahaha! Though I still remember the hot paraffin wax you guys made me try that night! It was hot as hell!! LOL!
I still haven't blog some of my suppliers yet, but hey, this is just me! I will do this in my own time.
But it doesn't mean that I'm not thank for them. I had a wonderful wedding day, and I have my heartmost thanks to all my suppliers!
I think deep inside, I still haven't truly let go of the wedding preps and the wedding itself!
Haha! I know it's almost a year already!! But this is just me.. so don't mind my antics! :p

The pictures of the SPA-arty can be found here. A simple slideshow of what happened that evening. I had a "No Melchor" night, I guess, for the last time of this life! hahaha!

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