Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy trip Girlie!

Today, my friend Girlie will start the adventure of her life!
As much as I wil miss her, I can't help but feel real happy for her.
It's everybody's dream to travel around.. travel places, and the American dream!! Haha!
I just have to post this and really wish her all the fun, exciting!
Hope she enjoy her time, meet people! LOL!!
All the best for my friend, Girlie!!

Happy trip Girlie! Let's update each other every now and then! :)

We'll miss you!!

1 comment:

  1. i am more than touched and honored to be featured here on your blog! :) thank you :)

    i had the time of my life during my travel to the states :) i must say it was as if we were traveling together for the way we have kept in touch while i was there. chatting thru facebook, ym, skype and most of all, shopping online together!! hehe :D

    thank you for keeping me company when i was bored :) thank you for helping me find the address of Lincoln Memorial in DC haha :D it may seem impossible, but i really hope we can travel together one time :)