Friday, June 26, 2009

Man in the Mirror

We had a small party earlier tonight, for colleague Davey's son, Daryll's 3rd birthday.
It was fun! The food was great! We had spaghetti, ice cream, muffin, roasted chicken..
Then there's the Videoke mic.
You may ask, what is a Videoke? LOL!!!

Videoke is a very popular form of entertainment in the
Philippines. An entertainment in which amateur singers or just anybody who wants
to try singing, sing along with recorded music using a microphone. On video, the
voice of the original singers are removed or muted and the lyrics are displayed
with corresponding moving cursors and changing text colors so that one can
easily follow the song. These serve as a guide to successfully deliver the song.
It can be in a plain TV with an attached player or it can also be a videoke
machine wherein you press the corresponding buttons to enter the number of your
song and then play it.

I saw in the booklet, Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson. Something very hard to pass. It's one of my all-time favorite song, the lyrics so beautiful. I remember listening to my cassette tape during high-school years, just to get the lyrics. Sorry, internet was a very far technology then. hahaha! Indeed, change must start in ourselves.

Anyway, I guess with the good music MJ shared in this lifetime, he will be greatly miss.. Great song, brilliant artist.. here's to MJ!!!

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