Thursday, June 18, 2009

my fellow wifeys

I know I haven't been posting since I came back here.
As you all may know now, is still blocked here in China.

It's not so easy to post and update as before, but I hope to do this more in the coming days.
I miss blogging! So let's blog and blog and blog..

Yesterday, I was able to rekindle with old friends...
I'm not a very clingy person kasi.. I don't need to be with a group every so often..
I'm okay with talking to them for sometime, then have a break after..
Of course, I have some close friends, which I can talk to everyday.. or maybe thru chat..
Just like my friend, Girlie, who'll be going to the US this Sunday for 2 months!!
We kinda lose touch since I came to Shanghai, but after awhile, we can still talk and tackle anything and everything! haha!

So yesterday, June 17, I was chatting with old friends - Joy Co-Lim and Gen Ng-Tiong.
I met both of them from different places.
Joy was my classmate during CKSC Elementary days, I remember our passion with Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books! LOL! Those were the days.
Gen was our group leader when we went to Taiwan Dynamic Youth. She married fellow group's Ton-Ton Tiong last 2007... Sad to say, I wasn't able to attend their wedding, but I heard it was a blast!

Talking to both of them yesterday, I realized that I may not been really serious with our health.
I mean, okay.. I now eat healthy and all.. I drink lots of water.. I'm aware of my condition.. with polycystic ovarian syndrome.. I drink my medication.. I think about my condition and how I go about it.. I consider myself lucky, to be able to know my condition at this early stage of my marriage; and I have Melchor, who I know will stand by me no matter what.

My friend, Joy, I think gave me more faith and brought me more courage to overcome this period I'm having right now. Her story is the most wonderful and meaningful journey, that can give each and everyone more hope and love. And with her hubby, Erwin, they now have their cute boy, Enzo! Wow!! You can definitely say, what a journey!

And now, with my friend Gen, she shared with me the challenges she faces with her hubby today. With Joy's story, I shared with Gen, there are wonders in this world... Everybody have to be strong and determine to do everything.

To be honest, their stories made me a bit wary and scared. What if I have the same problem, but I wasn't able to know about it, since I'm here in Shanghai... the thought of having to go through what they've been through jolted the brain cells in me.. I was thinking last night, but since I was a bit tired, I got dozed off and just sleep as early as 8:30PM.. haha!

Anyway, I guess I just want to share the thoughts I just had.. haha!
In the end, I know that my friendship with my fellow wifeys will continue.. with the challenges we're facing, I won't say it's close close..? It's in existence.. I don't feel bounded to be with them always, but I know we will always have each other when it's time to talk and share once again.. :)

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