Thursday, June 04, 2009

our new Toy

It's a bit hassle to update this blog, due to the blockage of here in China.
So, please pardon my lack of posts lately.
I will try my best to get the groove and most some new stuff, happening, updates.. hahah!

Last weekend, Melchor and I got a new toy.
And we tried using it na! We just fuzz about it here in our room.
So you guys may find this 2 pic boring! haha!
Also pardon my naked face! LOL!
I always wash and clean my face before I lay down here in my bed.
So here's my bare face! hahaha! I have some bad skin in my forehead!! Grrr...

Pardon the sleepy eyes, naked face, bad skin!
But it proves the the toy is really nice! Got clear pics!
We just need time to play with it pa! :)

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