Tuesday, July 07, 2009

all about the Hair

I realized that I have to start and be concern with ageing. Right now, I'm still searching for the right products for my face.. then, I thought I also have to be concern with my hair!

With that, I've been longing to get myself some hair products. I love the Kerastase oleo relax and the smell!! It's so yummy!! Hahaha! I got myself the Bain Satin, and I wasn't too happy with the fragrance. But with Bain Oleo Relax, wow!! I love it!

Anyway, I got myself the shampoo and some masque. I had a hard time choosing as they have a lot of selections.. I was looking for something I can do during Sunday.. and I prefer not to do homemade treatments like my friend, Debstone's doing.

So, I got my orders today:


got the following: Kerastase Bain Oleo Relax shampoo, Oleo relax masque, Age recharge and Nutridefense. Further description of them can be found at Kerastase website.

I opened the Oleo relax masque and shampoo, and I love the smell! haha! I'm excited for Sunday for my first treatment.. This will now be part of my weekly prettifying!! What color should I first use..? hmmm!! Orange, white or green...?!! Exciting!

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