Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First cooked meal: Salmon

Last Sunday, Melchor and I got not much to do, and we decided to hit Carrefour store near our place. I've been scouting the fresh goods for the last couple of visit, but Melchor was not too keen to cook on our own. I saw the piece of Salmon in the fresh freezer, and I told Melchor maybe we can try and cook something on our own! (This is very rare, since I'm not a very domesticated person and this is my hubby's chance for us to start learning to be domesticated! haha!)

So, we got a piece of Salmon.. and it's not cheap ah! It costs Rmb 62.00 here, and it was just 0.34kg. But the craving for a Salmon ruled over than thinking about the price. After all, I want us to practice eating healthy.. This is a good way to start.

Come Monday after office. We stormed to our dormitory's kitchen, armed with our olive oil. We took out the salmon from the fridge and realized that we still need to defrost it! It was stone-freezed! Wahh!! Since we'd planned on cooking the fish in the afternoon, we should have brought up the fish from the freezer to allow time to defrost. Ok ok, lesson learned. :)

We washed the fish, then placed it in a microwave oven for it to defrost. Melchor set the time to 10 minutes to defrost, I was bugging him maybe he set the time too long!

Then, Melchor wanted to cut the fish into 2.. Since I have this idea of how the salmon fish will look like after we cook it, I told him, no and I want it in 1 piece! Haha!

We prepared the frying pan. I poured the oil to ready the frying. I was advised by my sister Ever to be sure that the oil's hot before we place the fish! Haha! That's what I did and what I told Melchor! Then, with Melchor holding the pan, I placed the fish, oil splashing around, then our pan caught FIRE!! I instinctly blowed the pan with the fish! Haha!

In the middle of the cooking, Melchor's doing all the work now, we realized that we don't exactly know if the salmon is cooked in the middle part or not! So in the end, Melchor said we need to cut it into 2.. Haha! I reluctantly agreed.. :)

Ever told me we also need to seasoned the fish! I saw a pot of salt, but I felt it was a bit old, since I can see some salt stucked together to form circular shaped.. I told Melchor maybe the salt we had was expired already! He said salt doesn't have expiration date! Fine fine... I think I have to look and research about this! :P We sprinkled the salt all over the fish to have some taste to it.

Since it's now summer here in Shanghai, it's really hot and humid in the kitchen! I think I may like to put an A/C in my future kitchen! Haha!

Melchor was turning the fish left and right.. After assuring him the 2pieces were cooked already, we placed it in a bowl.. We're ready to eat na! Melchor wanted a buttery flavor, so he sliced our butter and placed it on top of the fish. Then, we went on to our room. I got 4 pieces of fresh lemon also from our supermarket, (cost: Rmb 9.00+), sliced 1 and Melchor squeezed the lemon juices to the fish! I was super starving at this point! Finally, our very own Salmon dinner!!! :)

That Monday night, Melchor and I were talking and doing recaps of what happened at our cooking experience. We were reminiscing the Fire we got after I placed the fish in the pan! Haha! 'Parang flambeau ah! hahaha!' Too bad we were not able to photograph the fire pan thing! Haha!

My lessons learned from our first cooking attempt:
1) Make sure to defrost the fish prior to cooking! I was recalling and I felt since we had a plan to cook the salmon after office, we should have transferred the fish from the freezer to the normal fridge part. That way, we gave the time for it to defrost and be ready for cooking after office.

2) Since the salmon we got was a big block, I should have listen to Melchor and cut it into 2.. Well, we did that in the mid-part, right? hahaha!

3) I should have poured less oil. Olive oil is not cheap! Haha! So I think I overdid a little. ;)

4) I guess I was a bit excited about having the oil boiling hot before we place the fish! I followed Ever's suggestion, but I think the pan was just easy to get hot, so the time we heated the oil was too long, that's why the pan caught fire when I placed the fish!

5) We should have prepared a cover for the pan! The oil was splashing around, and I'm a bit scared of oil burns! So Melchor took charge and he was the one who actually cook "cook" the fish! Haha!

6) Since we have to do a clean-up after, we should have placed newspaper around the stove. That way the oil around the stove.. hay!! I hate clean-ups! hahah! But I'm good at washing dishes. ;)

7) It's not good to cook during hot days! Haha! Don't take this seriously! Haha!

8) Do this more often! I believe this is a great bonding session with your loved ones. After this dinner, and the whole thing happened in between, I believe this experience is now part of Melchor's future story to our kids! Hahaha! "The time your Mom and I cooked our first fish together!" hahaha!

Our cooking session pictures can be found here: Salmon dinner

In the end, we were satisfied.. we were happy! I believe after all the sweat, the challenges we faced during our cooking session, we end up happy, contented, and I hope we both can do this over and over again!

Slideshow of our pictures! haha! :)

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