Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Peaches season

It's peaches season now here in Shanghai.
And the best peaches here are found in Nanhui, Shanghai.
If you google the word, Nanhui, you will see there's a page featuring peach flowers in Nanhui.
Cool, huh?
With the help of our colleague Diane, we got a box of Peaches! Wooohooo!!
Gave some to Marvin, my brother in-law; friend Veronica... the rest, Melchor and I ate an average of 2 peaches per day, since we got the box of peaches! :) hahaha!

We have a final peach for now, and I'll let Melchor enjoy his last peach later.
I ordered a box again earlier! hahaha! :)
The peaches season will be over this week. I'm happy to order a box again!
Final peaches galore!!!

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