Thursday, August 13, 2009

my other blog

As you all may know, is still blocked here in China.
It's really sad.. Huhuhu!!

Because of this, I've researched and look for blog hosting that can work here.
I think I signed up all available blog hosting site.. and they end up really not for me. I don't like how they look like, and how the posting can be done.

After all the signing-up, I found a site that can work for now.
I hope this site won't be block out soon! Wahh!!
Or else.. I may be forced to look for a paid hosting service! hahaha! :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goodies: Prada Shielding Balm

I have these Prada Shielding Lip Balm for quite some time now. I was a bit obsessed about it, and tried my best to swap for them at I have these cute stuff already, and I felt it's about time I try them now.

So far, I have the 8 shades. The neutral one, then 7 colors! Haha! I found out that there's an eight shade, and I'm once again curious and wanting to have one! LOL! It's very moisturizing, and no gooey feeling. I like that in a lip balm.

I have some several here, but I think I will start using these shielding balms! What's more exciting about them is that you'll get the same coverage of SPF15, at different shades!! Hahaha! :)

my Prada Shielding Balms!!
There's 9 in the picture because, I have 2 Neutral Shade.
Total of 8 shades - 1 is Neutral..
Tiny yet... hahaha! but cute?
You'll be able to squeeze something from them.. haha!

Friday, August 07, 2009

my Facial Cleansers

Here are my facial cleansers in use right now.
Some are still brand new! haha! As for the others, I'm taking turns in using.

I have to admit that there are times I have trouble in choosing what to use! hahaha! :)
I'm not that obssessed yet, right? Just don't let my hubby read this post! :p

August already

It's August already, and I haven't blogged a thing yet.

August is also a special month for me and my family.
Having 3 siblings' birthday all in August, yes.. this is a special month every year in our family.
I was scrambling my old files and to check pictures I can attach to this post.
Hahahaha! I was so ugly back then!
Old pic
Me, my Mom and siblings! :) Good ol' days ah!

August 1 was a gloomy day for the Philippines.
Former President Cory Aquino passed away after a year-long battle of Colon Cancer.
Not that I'm a fan fan... I'm amazed with her humility, humbleness and faith in God.
Condolence to her family.