Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goodies: Prada Shielding Balm

I have these Prada Shielding Lip Balm for quite some time now. I was a bit obsessed about it, and tried my best to swap for them at I have these cute stuff already, and I felt it's about time I try them now.

So far, I have the 8 shades. The neutral one, then 7 colors! Haha! I found out that there's an eight shade, and I'm once again curious and wanting to have one! LOL! It's very moisturizing, and no gooey feeling. I like that in a lip balm.

I have some several here, but I think I will start using these shielding balms! What's more exciting about them is that you'll get the same coverage of SPF15, at different shades!! Hahaha! :)

my Prada Shielding Balms!!
There's 9 in the picture because, I have 2 Neutral Shade.
Total of 8 shades - 1 is Neutral..
Tiny yet... hahaha! but cute?
You'll be able to squeeze something from them.. haha!


  1. I've got a pack of No. 4 --perfect for travel!!

  2. i like the tiny whiny size! cute!